Mail Info & Letter Ideas




Mail Info and Ideas


When do they get mail?    

Mail call is everyday Monday - Friday with the exception of Saturday, Sunday & Federal Holidays.

Mail Is NOT Held from them! It's against federal law to withhold their mail.

When will I get mail?

They are able to write when they have time before lights out 9 PM (Central) Sun - Thurs and 10 PM (Central) Fri & Sat....they'll have time after all their duties are done. So it may take a week or two for them to start working as a team to get everything done.

They will receive mail during BEAST. They will NOT have time to write, so please, continue to write daily! 



Your first letter should be a hand written letter put into their bag so that they can find it the night before they leave. Please make sure that the envelope is addressed to your trainee, sealed and a stamp is put on it. As this would make it an official and legal letter that the MTI can not make them throw away.

HIS Love:

Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love - Letters will get your Trainee through the toughest days! Besides the authorized (or possible earned) calls, the letters from home may be the only "outside contact" they will have until graduation. Support will always be needed & it is encouraged to write daily! Letters from home with HIS Love will keep them going on those days that they have just reached the threshold.


Trainees are allowed to receive the following:


Please write daily! The letters from home are motivational and keeps their moral up! Keep full of Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love (HIS Love)


All photos are glanced over by the MTI to ensure that they are "G" rated and in good taste, i.e. no nudity, no pornography, no gang signs, no alcohol or drug-related, or profanity.  We suggest that you send copies instead of original to avoid heartache should the photo get misplaced or damaged. Space is very limited, so keep the letters to a regular standard size.
Choose a picture that is very special to you and send it to your Airman in a letter expressing why that picture is so special to you.

Stamps, envelopes and paper: 

Whenever writing it is ok to include a self-addressed stamped envelope and a few sheets of paper. Print out some pre-printed address labels with those of your family and a few friends so they can place it on the envelope. Remember, they are exhausted! So anything that we may be able to help them with is greatly appreciated. (Send them to basic with a roll of stamps and stack of envelopes.)

Phone cards: 

Trainees are allowed to have a phone cards. It's best to send it with them, but you can  just include this with one of your letters. If you send a card later, it will be best to insert it in a greeting card as it will be more difficult to detect and be stolen in route. They will use this in the event they have earned patio time or base liberty during BMT including Airmen's Week.

Banner Letter:

Letter Idea: So once you get your banner, are you keeping it a surprise or are you going to show your Airman what it looks like? Based on a group suggestion, I took a picture and mailed it to my son, so that he could more quickly and easily spot us during the run. Turned out, we didn't have a run (it was too cold that week) but I still liked the idea of showing it to them so they know what to look for. And, it solves a letter writing theme for a day!


One of my favorites was the hand prints. Sometimes it would be a cut out of a hand, or their hand with their favorite color crayon outline, the hand print in the clay tile. So this week take out some construction paper, your favorite crayon color(s) and do some outlines of your hands, and of those in the house. Make several hands! Now write a favorite story, your letter, a verse, a joke, a word search, what ever your heart desires. Now with a hole punch, make at least two holes on the opposite side of the hand so that you can put either some string, yarn, or ribbon through the holes to connect hand to hand, side by side. You can number them 1 through how ever many you made. On the last one, please put a very special note;

I know you are miles away. I know you are going through a difficult time, I know you know I love you, now wrap these hands around you because before you know it, it will be me there hugging you!

Have fun...

Clippings from magazines, newspapers or print outs from the internet.
However, trainees are NOT allowed to have any FOOD, CANDY, GUM inside the dormitory and absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY. Please do not send your trainee any of these items or they will be confiscated, have a negative impact or both.

We have Jokes that you can send them to make them laugh and share with their wingmen.

We have a 30 Day Writing Challenge to give ideas for letters.

We have Word Searches you can print out and send. Holidays AND each WOT.

We have questionnaires you can print and send out as well.

Learned Knowledge: Oh the worry on the color of the envelope! THERE IS NO RULE OR REGULATION THAT SAYS IT HAS TO BE WHITE. If you have been told that run don't walk away from them. It's a scare tactic. We can share some learned knowledge that may help YOU make the decision. We suggest that you do NOT bring attention to your trainee, because they MAY receive extra PT. However, in reality, if your trainee needs extra PT to pass and graduate, it doesn't matter what you do or do not send; the MTI(s) can get very creative on ways to get extra PT done. But just to be on the safe side, do refrain from sending the following:

  • Musical Cards 
  • Anything with glitter 

Cards should NOT include: 

  • Pop Ups 
  • Drop outs 
  • Musical Cards
  • Glitter
Reality Check:
  • The MTI's duty is to make sure your AB is qualified to pass the Physical Test! They can get creative and will find things that warrant the flight and or individual to do extra PT Training. 
  • If someone receives an envelope with lipstick, perfume/cologne, stickers or messages, guess what? Could get extra PT. 
  • Do Not Send Care Packages! EXTRA PT. This could get both your trainee & the entire FLT in trouble. Perhaps lose liberty.  
  • Yes, it is them going through BMT, but they are accountable for our actions.
  • Is it guaranteed they will get extra PT? No. We just ask, why chance it.

Keep in mind it is very possible anything you send will be opened in front of and possibly read/shown to the entire flight. This is even more likely with large packages. There have been known incidences of a trainee  receiving a package from home full of baked goods (enough to last for several weeks). The MTI  allowed him to have the package but forced him to eat everything that was in it at one sitting, causing him to become extremely sick! This is not uncommon! Don't do this to your AB.

Overnight delivery:

You'll pay A Lot Of Money and this only guarantees that the letter gets to the base over night, not to the trainee. Never send it with signature request, this will only delay the process.


Please Pay It Forward 

Here is another reality check. Not everyone is getting support from home. For whatever the circumstances may be our heart has to go out to them. So ask your AB.

  • Is there someone who can use an extra letter or two? 
  • Has this Wingman already said that his/her family are not able to afford graduation? 
  • Would it be ok to "Tap Out" your Wingman? 
  • We have extra room in the car for one person (a few extra). 
  • Would they like to join us? 
  • Money is tight can they pitch in? 
  • Money is ok we can treat. 
  • Maybe the Airman is newlywed and the spouse was not able to rent a car? They may not want to hang out with everyone and just a need a ride to and from the hotel or town. 
  • This is a once in a lifetime experience and these small or large gestures can make such an ultimate memory that you will never regret. We didn't.
  • Do you remember when the kids would come home so very excited about an art project that they did while at school?
  • Writing a stranger AB

This question often comes up....I have a group (church, girl/boy scouts, club) that would like to write to someone who is not getting mail can I do this? Or Can I just send a letter to anyone there at BMT?

That's a wonderful idea! Due to confidentiality reasons we should NOT give out the address to anyone other than our own AB's and even that should be done through private message. HOWEVER, should you find someone, a church, group, organization or self who wants to write to others, I would suggest the following.

Address the letter like this.:

To the Wingman of


To the members of XXX TRS/FLT XXX in care of and then your AB's information.

This way he OR she can pass it out. Now, should that AB decide to write back as a pen pal that would be great too. Just let your group know and understand that personal time is extremely limited!!! If they only have time to write one person, we would hope it is someone from home and not a stranger. So, I would then enclose either a Multi or Yes/No Questionnaire for the new pen pal to fill out along with a pre stamped & addressed envelope for them to send it letter back. They too must follow the same rules & regulations the following are the only things allowed.: Letters, "G" rated photos, and cards.

Note: from learned experiences, do NOT send anything with Glitter, music, profanity, food, notes on the outside, perfumed, lipstick kisses, ect. This may get them in trouble, at the very least they may have to do extra PT and or have liberty time taken away. Also, share that their space is very limited. It has been known that an AB or two received so much mail that several pieces had to be thrown away in order to keep the locker clean and free from clutter. You might want to ask if they need a large envelope to mail some of the letters back home for safe keeping.


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