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Lackland AFB Weapons Policy



Weapons Policy

for Joint Base San Antonio, to include Lackland Air Force Base:


People must notify the entry controller that they have a privately owned weapon and where they intend on transporting it.

All residents living in government-owned facilities or contracted housing must register privately-owned firearms with the 802nd Security Forces Squadron.

Privately-owned firearms requiring registration include any item capable of firing a projectile excluding pellet and airsoft guns.

New arrivals to JBSA-Lackland base housing facilities with privately-owned firearms have 72-hours to register at Pass and Registration, Bldg. 5616 or they will be in violation of JBSA-Lackland Instruction 31-101, Installation Security Program, which can result in an Article 92 charge.

In addition to registration, privately-owned firearms stored in base housing residences are required to be in a locked storage or the firearm must be equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device.

Up to five firearms can be registered on Department of Defense Form 2760 (Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition) and Air Force Form 1314 (Firearms Registration), which must be signed by the Airman's commander.

The forms are processed at Pass and Registration, and available at

Airmen who outprocess or dispose of registered privately-owned firearms are required to remove those items from the Security Forces Management Information System at Pass and Registration.

Removal of privately owned firearms stored at the Security Forces armory by Airmen must be coordinated with armory personnel.

For more information on registering privately-owned firearms in base housing facilities, contact Pass and Registration, Bldg. 5616, at (210) 671-9162.

For more information on storing privately-owned firearms in the Security Forces armory, contact (210) 671-2451.


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