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How many miles are they allowed to travel?

A max of 499 miles per day.

How many hours are they allow to drive?

8 hours max. Does not matter how many people drive or how many people are in the car.

AF form 988 is the leave form that must be signed / approved for travel. The AETC form 29b is a safe plan of action for Tech School airman under the age of 26. Basically airman in Tech School must have both signed forms for leave. But also airman in schools wanting to sightsee on weekend would do a 29b with their plans approved so the sergeant in charge knows where they went in case something happens and they need to locate them.

* Military travel allotment is actually figured as 350 miles per day when driving. Thus 500 miles is really considered as 2 allotted driving days. 500 miles a day or no more than 8 hours which ever occurs first. They give the time rule for travel that may have heavy traffic. Airman on leave and or travel orders will complete a 29b for safe plan of action. This will include all your auto information, make, model color, license, registration, insurance and even the last time the car was serviced. Any airman under 26 years old will have to file the route, hotels where they are staying with on the 29b form. The form must be approved. Some sergeants have been known to route in Google Maps from starting point to hotel and if it is over the 500 miles made the airman change reservations.

Diane's note on leave based on a Facebook question:

Our airman are on duty 24/7/365, their holidays in many career fields are not like the civilian sector. Many careers will be working 'Panama shifts' a mixture of Day, Swing, and Mids (8hours), if they are lucky and based on what manning allows. Many will be on 12 hour shifts mixing it up between days and nights in jobs that require 24 hour coverage. Some service type jobs will only be open Monday - Friday 0800-1600 or there about. Even these jobs during this time of unrest are busy and stressed during their entire shift while servicing the needs of the base. Most airmen in these service positions are also on-call to process airmen in deployment lines on a no-notice recall. No matter your airman's duties they must be accounted for at all times including while on leave. During days off and leave, commanders can direct a recall. The leave forms and 29b are used for these recalls. If they were recalled and didn't answer the call, they can receive disciplinary actions. The AF form 988 for leave approval must be complete and approved prior to making any travel bookings without exception IAW AFMAN 65-116 vol2 and AFI 36-3003. In addition, AETC airman under the age of 26 must submit and have approved an accompanying AETC form 29b for the safe plan of action for any and all travel. This includes non-leave travel, remaining within their given radius on weekends if they will not be returning to base for curfew and bed-checks. Although we know how much we want them to be home for the holidays, we can-not and should not make any travel plans for them because this could be detrimental to their career. Your Airman should be the one to know if and when they can have leave, if and when it has been approved or denied, but you knowing these requirements based on the regulations will arm you for proper questions.

Traveling on orders for their permanent change of station (PCS) move to new duty stations, while taking leave enroute or doing the Recruiter Assistants Program (RAP) does add a couple other items to this process also. Travel on orders is accomplished by the travel management office and cannot be made until those orders are signed and in your airman's hand. Also depending upon that first duty station, all pre-departure requirements must be met.

***Compiled By Diane D. 

                While OUR Trainees and Airmen, along with their dependents are traveling, please remind them they can stop by the USO which are located at most larger airports in the USA and those abroad.

They will be able to rest, have access to phones, computers, food and in general a safe haven.

USO - United Services Organizations

This link will give you information for the USOs in the US and around the world. They provide services for military personnel and their dependents.

We also want to make sure that our trainees and Airmen know that there may be time that unforeseen delays will happen. Make sure they have the name and phone number for at least two or three (2 or 3) different people to call. The first would be their sponsor or their 1st shirt. The second would be the reception center of 24 hours call center for assistance. ALWAYS carry a complete 'Blue' and or 'ABU' uniform in your carry on. Always have cash on hand, Trainees $ 20, Airmen $100 and a debit or credit card. Please make sure to notify the banks that you are traveling.

For those that are doing RAP (Recruiter Assistance Program).  Your recruit should have this filled out and signed by his/her recruiter BEFORE he leaves for MEPS! RAP is NOT GUARANTEED! Please see the information on our RAP page.

Guess what we did? We put together an emergency car kit list.


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