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Tech School Bedding




          Air Force Instruction (AFI 32-6005) outlining linen issue for their beds. There should never be an instance where an airman residing in the dorms during tech school, goes without sheets and blankets. If your airman wasn't properly issued their linens and is in need of linens, please have them reach out to their chief MTL to help resolve the issue. While it's always nice to have your own, personally bought blankets and sheets, there are circumstances that can arise where these AF issued linens come in handy. Many of the Airmen prefer to have their own bedding as they would not be required to make daily hospital corner.
          Hope this helps and clears up any confusion!

     1.4.6. Unaccompanied Housing (UH) Management Section (including UH Manager/UH Superintendent/Airmen Dorm Leaders (ADLs) will: Identify budget requirements for, purchase, and control UH supplies, including initial issue and replacement linens for permanent party and technical training dormitories. (T-1)
     4.6.3. Assignment Procedures. UH Managers process following assignment actions, including UOQs and UNCOQs and will: Use locally developed checklists to ensure residents acknowledge receipt of the Resident Brochure, linens, condition of room and any other locally required information.
     5.14. Daily Operations.
     5.14.2. The UH Management Section purchases all UH supplies to maintain common areas such as toilet papers and cleaning supplies, i.e., window cleaner, paper towels, vacuum cleaners, wax, and furniture polish. Provide tenant units dormitory supply support consistent with the host dormitories. Provide government provided supply items for individual resident use to include initial issue and replacement linens and light bulbs.

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