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State License for Spouse Jobs



Does your spouse have a special job that requires a state license?

Great news for our spouses! The Air Force will reimburse qualifying relicensure and recertification fees spouses incurred during a permanent change of station move or a permanent change of assignment authenticated on or after Dec. 12, 2017, up to $500. Learn all about it at the link below.

If you are a military spouse with a career that requires state licensing requirements, the ability to get a job when moving can be difficult. To date, 16 states have adopted laws, or are about to do so, to ease the pressure on spouses when they transfer. There are two ways states are doing this that are favored by defense officials and family advocates:

These states permit licenses by endorsing the last state license: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

The second option is to allow temporary licenses. Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee have this provision, which can be helpful if a spouse must complete state requirements or pass a state exam.

In addition, Utah allows nonresident military spouses to use out of state licenses and Virginia allows military spouses who leave the state to use their license when they return.

Source: U.S. Army Future Soldier Family: compiled by Lorraine Silva via MS ABCT

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