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Airmen Rules of Conduct



  • Airmen Guidelines: All graduating Airmen have rules they must follow. For example, they must: 

  - Remain in uniform at all times. ** Note: Command may deem it necessary to change this protocol. Please follow the lead of your Airman.

  - Look sharp (impeccable military appearance)

  - Be sharp (demonstrate military professionalism)

  - Not use tobacco products

  - Not drink alcohol 

  - Not drive a vehicle

  - Wear seat belts---as must ALL OCCUPANTS while in a moving vehicle

  - Not carry cell phones on their person

  - Not walk and talk into a cell phone at the same time

  - Not display inappropriate public affection (i.e. hand holding, long or

    lingering kisses, or compromising situations; they may hold young

    children's hand and appropriately embrace loved ones)


  • Rules of Conduct While on Town Pass in San Antonio

The following list is a partial list but also includes the ones more commonly asked about. The military life is deep in history and tradition and we as their parent or spouse should do everything we can to be an asset to our Airman.

While the Airman is in uniform they adhere to certain protocol, procedures and or regulations:

  • Public displays of affection (PDA) are strictly prohibited: This includes hand holding, walking arm-in-arm (escorting), kissing for an extended period of time etc.
  • Brief displays of affection during times of reunion and celebration are acceptable: Holding a hand of a child or elderly is acceptable for a safety reason only.
  • When walking with an Airman, walk to his/her left, leaving the right arm free to salute. The right arm must be free at all times.
  • The Airman must have a cover on at all times when out of doors.
  • S/He may not walk and talk on a cell phone at the same time.
  • S/He may not smoke, eat or drink while walking.
  • Hands should not be in their pockets unless they are placing or retrieving an item.
  • Chewing gum or smoking while in uniform is not "military" conduct.
  • In the event of bad weather, they should have a "solid black colored" umbrella, he/she is not allowed any other color.
  • Airmen Must Remain In Uniform AT ALL TIMES! This can be changed by command at any time. Follow your Airman's lead.
  • Swimming is NOT allowed during graduation weekend. This issue is by Command and only Command can change it. Failure to adhere could result in punishment under The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

San Antonio Has Eyes!

The following can NOT be stressed enough! This is meant to give you a heads up.

The area is a military haven and therefore even if not in uniform, should your Airman be approached by their MTI, or Senior Ranking Military Personnel, follow your Airman's lead. If complimented a simple thank you we are very proud is appropriate & fine. If on the other hand they are being reprimanded, DO NOTHING! He or She may be your child, spouse, fianc' or girlfriend/boyfriend, but they belong to the military now and as such are accountable to them first. Until the Airman leaves for Tech School Training, they can, and have been known to be recycled for a number of things.

The most famous recycle 'story'? An Airman chose to give the bird to his MTI after he sat down on the bus falsely assuming he was free to do this because he "graduated". The bus had not left. The MTI caught the signal, and proceeded to not only pull the Airman off the bus, but also recycled him back to WOT 1.

Special food warning:

Shared by Stephanie W.: I'm a new mom in here. My son just started BMT yesterday. Just wanted to share a bit of advice that my brother learned too late last month. My nephew was graduating from Army boot camp a few weeks ago. My brother and sister in law spent the family day with my nephew and two other soldiers. They brought them candy, some of which was green apple flavored. Never knew this before but apparently a lot of green apple flavored candy gives off a scent very similar to marijuana. Long story short, when the three boys went back to base, their drill Sergeant thought they smelled like pot. He drug tested them and denied them the honor of graduation. They were confined to barracks for 5 days until the drug test results came in. All three were negative. Lesson learned- stay far away from any green apple flavored candy.
Any foods or food products that contain "Hemp" will show up as a positive for illegal or street drug substance if required to produce a urine sample. Do NOT use anything that may have "Hemp" including "Hemp Seed or Hemp Oil"


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