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Writing - Questionnaires



Reality is they will have very little time if any once they've earned the time to write or call. We, on the other hand, have so many questions.

Did you stalk your mailman today? Ok, well I shouldn't say 'stalk' perhaps camp out on the front porch waiting for the mail to arrive would be more 'politically correct'.

Solution? Questionnaire!

1. Review the sample questions below:

a. Starter questions: to get you started.

b. Multiple Choice & Fill in the Blanks: simple, easy and quick to answer, but possibly less personal.

c. Open-ended questions: more time consuming for your Trainee, but possibly more personal.

d. Create your own questions to make it fun! You can be serious or silly and change or tweak what you need to for you and Trainee.

d. Suggested last question: Is there anything you want to add? This allows space for your Trainee to write anything free form, if time allows.

2. Record Today's Date is: ____________? For your Trainee to complete.

3. Add between 10-15 questions. The great part about questionnaires is that you can do this again each week!

4. Make sure there is plenty of space between questions for your Trainee to easily/quickly respond or make a selection.

5. Make sure to send a pre addressed and pre stamped envelope

6.  Explain the questionnaire is a quick/ hopefully fun & easy way for you to get the answers to your questions and for him to remember something that he/she may want to share.

7. Put the questionnaire, note and self-addressed envelope in an envelope addressed to your Trainee and run to the mailbox.

****Make sure to enclose a self-addressed & pre-stamped envelope. Add a few more stamps for good measure, as they are always needed.


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