Graduation Check list:                                        

We are staying at: __________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Phone # & contact person: __________________________________________________
Confirmation #: ____________________________________________________________

Airlines: ____________________________________________________________________
Date: ___________ Time: _________     Return Date:__________ Time ____________
Confirmation #: _____________________________________________________________

Rental Car
Company: ___________________________________________________________________
Location: ____________________________________________________________________
Confirmation #: ______________________________________________________________

Make or order: ___________________Confirmation #: ____________________________

Button(s): _________ Confirmation #: ___________________________________________

Shirts: ____________ Confirmation #: ___________________________________________

Check List:
_____Valid Photo ID: State issued driver's license, State issued ID or passport.
_____Your passes make two copies one to insert into the book and the other to carry in your purse or carry- on bag. DO NOT CHECK IN YOUR PASSES!
_____Flight information.
_____Personal or Rental Car information
_____1. Car Registration
_____2. Car Insurance: Check with your personal insurance carrier to see if you are covered while driving a rental. This way you do not have to purchase from the rental company.
_____3. Car Tags: Make sure the tags on the vehicle are current.

1. _____Metro San Antonio                                             Schedules
2. _____Downtown San Antonio                                      1. _____Event schedule
3. _____Base Gate locations & hours                               2. On base shuttle schedule and locations
4. _____Base Map                                                                A______Clockwise Base Bus Schedule
5. _____Event Map                                                               B______Counter Clockwise Base Bus Schedule
6. _____Teddy's Map                                                        3. _____Chapel Services and locations
7. _____Bus Stop Locator for USO