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Are you ready for them to ship out?

Discuss this with your trainee...

Documents to prepare before they ship

Although it's the very last thing we want to think of, sometimes we have financial issues with either bills, banking institutions or, worst case, an illness or injury while at BMT. In most cases a simple DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney) will come in handy. Should they decide to, they should give their POA to someone they trust without doubt. POA will come in handy if needed and they are not reachable. It is advised that they take precautions to make sure that they add "Not to be used to open credit accounts". The last thing they want is more debt, and it has been known to happen.

A Health Care POA & Advanced Medical Directive will help in the event of illness or injury. The person who has the POA will be able to get information easier, and in the event they're not able to make decisions on their own, can step in to make medical decisions based on their wants & the doctors advise.

Some MEPS offer this for free. Then they can give copies to their POA, if they are there with them/you or they can mail them home. Should they need one done while they are at BMT, they will need to go thru the chain of command, make an appointment with legal and then follow thru while there.

Don't laugh!

If your Trainee/AB is getting ready to ship, truly help them get ready. Tighty whities, sports bras, no caffeine, no sugar, no cell, no TV and change the sleep pattern to where they are going. Every ounce of preparation will make it that much easier.

Show your love before they go:

Write your loved one a letter. More than likely this will help them while you're away until they are given contact information. Put one in his/her bag before they leave. Trust when I say this letter will make a difference! Share HIS Love. Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love!

Talk about it:

Communication is key to a healthy & happy relationship & while they are away even more so.

Talk about how you're going to handle illness, injury or worse yet death of a loved one or family pet. If you have elderly family members that are not doing well, visit them. The unexpected can always happen. When my daughter left for the Air Force, her great grandmother was already in her 90s. They had a wonderful visit before she left. Grams was one to tell it like it is and said, 'In the event I pass away while you're away, you will not be told. I want you to concentrate on what you have to do to accomplish your dreams. I've lived my life & want you not to worry about me. Besides there won't be anything you can do about it.'

What to do in case of an emergency (fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc.) ALWAYS have a 3rd party out of state contact number. As soon as you are safe and able to, contact your 3rd party to let them know you are ok and give a message that can be given to your military loved one in case he is unable to contact & contacts them as agreed upon. (Here is something to do while they are away. Scan important documents & photos, along with taking photos of each of the rooms & closets and jewelry/antiques).

It will be a difficult time but each family will have to decide what is best. I hope you never have to use the American Red Cross (ARC) but if you do, the information is also listed.

Family & friends are allowed to follow trainees to MEPS to see them sworn in. Take a camera! You may want to get a room at the hotel where the recruit is staying, however, they are now the property of the military and you may or may not have as much time together as you planned.

Decide if their arrival call will be picked up or go straight to voicemail. It will be fast, loud & hectic. It may even come in the middle of the night. If you tape it you will be able to replay it often to get the #'s just right or to even hear your voice. Your next contact may not be for a minimum 10 days. You can also put a personal outgoing message for your Trainee/AB. Shout out HIS Love (Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love) does it matter if someone else gets the message? NO! If they're calling you on your phone, chances are they are familiar with the fact that your loved one is an Trainee/AB. I'm sure they will not only understand, but will ask if they can write too.

Thank you~

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***This is from Jenny Young, an AF Mom sharing a helpful tip :

There is a website and app that tracks the flights they take to basic and any other flights. Its called and the app is called the same thing. It will tell you if they are delayed and when they land or take off. We used this and we knew he landed minutes before he called and told us he landed.


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