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Practical Advice before BMT




Are you ready for BMT?

While you are in a whirl wind of getting things packed & ready to go here are a few things that I've picked up along the way.

As a new recruit, please know that we wish you well on this journey..... You've got this, Your parent/spouse & family have got you and we've got them!

Break your tennis shoes in before you go to avoid blisters.

Your shirt should be a plain shirt. (No AF or other logos)

Check the weather for the week you are leaving so you know how to dress appropriately.

The MTI is going to yell no matter what! Just listen to what they are saying, Not how they say it. They'll be one of the best mentors you'll ever have!!!

At least a week before leaving start getting your body set to the TX time, wake up at 4:30 am and in bed by 9 PM. No sugar, tv, soda, sweets, start drinking lots of water and milk.

Packing List for BMT


Recruits need to take clothing to wear until uniforms are issued. We suggest about 3 days.

Things to know before you leave

Documents to prepare before shipping:
Although it's the very last thing we want to think of, sometimes we have financial issues with either bills, banking institutions or, worst case, an illness or injury while at BMT. In most cases a simple DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney) will come in handy. Should you decide to, give your POA to someone you trust without doubt. POA will come in handy if needed and you are not reachable. It is advised that you take precautions to make sure that you add "Not to be used to open credit accounts". The last thing you want is more debt, and it has been known to happen.

A Health Care POA & Advanced Medical Directive will help in the event of illness or injury. Your POA will be able to get information easier &, in the event you're not able to make decisions on your own, can step in to make medical decisions based on your wants & the doctors advise.

Some MEPS offer this for free. Then you can give copies to your POA if they are there with you or you can mail them home. Should you need one done while you are at BMT, you will need to go thru the chain of command, make an appointment with legal and then follow thru while there.

Get Fit & Be Ready:

Practice your PT (Physical Training) now, running, push ups, sit ups done now will be extremely helpful to you once you are there.

Things around the house:

Clean your room. Your recruiter will more than likely give you this order before you leave. But I can guarantee you that your loved one will walk into your room several times while you are gone to just sit there while they miss you.
Finish any undone jobs around the house.

Show your love before you go:

Write your loved one a letter. More than likely this will help them while you're away until they are given contact information. Trust when I say this letter will make a difference! Share HIS Love. Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love!


If you're the spouse & do certain things a certain way, record it. Do you have to fix something that always seems to go out. Record instructions for this so he/she will know what to do while you're away.
If you have small children, tape yourself either alone or together reading them a story or prayer.
Now would be wonderful time to take a family portrait.

Strange but oh so helpful:

Get some dry clean wash cloths and wipe your arms & neck down. Put the towel in a zip lock baggy. The scent will help both the family & our animals.
After taking a shower, put on & off a few oversize shirts & spray with your cologne or perfume. The scent will help both the adults & children.
Men, cut a lock of hair for your loved one. Yes, even if it leaves a bald circle on your head. Your head will be shaved bald anyway, and your loved one can carry this in a locket or put it into a memory book or box. Women you can do the same thing by leaving a lock of hair for your loved one too.

Talk about it:

Communication is key to a healthy & happy relationship & while you are away even more so.

Talk about how you're going to handle illness, injury or worse yet death of a loved one or family pet. If you have elderly family members that are not doing well, visit them. The unexpected can always happen. When my daughter left for the Air Force, her great grandmother was already in her 90s. They had a wonderful visit before she left. Grams was one to tell it like it is and said, 'In the event I pass away while you're away, you will not be told. I want you to concentrate on what you have to do to accomplish your dreams. I've lived my life & want you not to worry about me. Besides there won't be anything you can do about it.'

What to do in case of an emergency (fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc.) ALWAYS have a 3rd party out of state contact number. As soon as they are safe and able to, they should contact your 3rd party to let them know they are ok and give a message that can be given to you in case you are unable to contact them.

It will be a difficult time but each family will have to decide what is best. I hope you never have to use the American Red Cross (ARC) but if you do, the information is also listed.

Family & friends are allowed to follow you to MEPS to see you sworn in. Take a camera! You may want to get a room at the hotel where the recruit is staying, however, they are now the property of the military and you may or may not have as much time together as you planned.
Decide if your arrival call will be picked up or go straight to voicemail. It will be fast, loud & hectic. It may even come in the middle of the night. If you tape it they will be able to replay it often to get the #'s just right or to even hear your voice. Your next contact may not be for a minimum 10 days. You can also put a personal outgoing message for your Trainee/AB. Shout out HIS Love (Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love) does it matter if someone else gets the message? NO! If they're calling you on your phone, chances are they are familiar with the fact that your loved one is an Trainee/AB. I'm sure they will not only understand, but will ask if they can write too.

And lastly, know that you are loved! No matter how bad your day is, someone at home wishes you were right with them but know & understand the commitment you have made. This is NOT summer camp. It will not be easy for you or for those of us left at home. Stay focused and keep pushing yourself! Hope, Inspiration, Support & Love (H.I.S. LOVE) goes out to all!

Thank you~

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

Financial Preparation:

It's important to take care of personal matters before you leave. Basic Training is designed to be stressful and you will need to focus all your attention on training.

Check with your recruiter if you have questions or are unsure about how to handle any of the following matters:

" * " are added notes from Air Force MOMS BMT

Who will receive your mail? *( One set of Information is sent to one address only. If you have divorced parents, please make arrangements to have this taken care of BEFORE you leave.)

Does your family have access to your finances? *Bank accounts, etc. (If not, does someone have both your POA & MED POA?)

How will your bills be paid while you are gone? *(Have you given your POA to someone? )

Does someone know what bills are due and when? * (You MAY not be able to contact the bank during normal business hours, so please make arrangements for a trustworthy family member or friend to handle things while you are at BMT)

What other things could pop up in the time you are away? * (Do you have a elderly family member who is sick? Have you discussed how you will handle the death of a loved one, perhaps even the family pet)

Does your family know whom to contact in the event of an emergency? * (Please read Contact American Red Cross or the Arrival Call)

Have you set up a bank account prior to your arrival? * (Payment is only done by Auto Deposit, NO Exceptions. Take a blank check.)

*When getting you paperwork together, we have created 'The Black Book" and suggest that you put your own together to get yourself organized!
The Black Book

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and in doing so, we are always looking for ways to assist you and your trainee or airmen. We feel so strongly that this book will make a positive impact not only in the Air Force career, but in the business world for all that we are sharing this with you. Written by Ret. USAF Chief Master Sgt. Rodney Q Phillips. "Chief Q" is a weekly guest speaker here on Air Force Moms. He is also kind enough to create a discount code for all of us. Just follow these instructions.
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