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Packing List (Grad)





What to pack for BMT Graduation?

  • For yourself:
  1. Valid Photo ID: Driver's license or passport.
  2. Your passes. (In your memory book)
  3. Maps & schedules. (In your memory book)
  4. Dress comfortable for the weather. Texas weather does change quickly so you may want to pack things to layer.
  5. Dress appropriate for the occasion. This is not a sports game, and you will be meeting important people and you are representing you Airman.  
  6. Light weight jacket just in case it's cold.
  7. Comfortable shoes! You'll be doing a lot of walking. 
  8. Summer Weather: Sunscreen, hat or cap. 
  9. Winter Weather: Warm jacket, gloves, scarf.
  10. Chapstick
  11. Something to sit on i.e. blanket or towel that you can easily pick up and put into your bag. 
  12. Solid BLACK umbrella for your Airman per AFI dress code, in case it rains.
  13. Water, coffee, tea, cocoa, or something for the weather. Your Airmen may be cold or hot depending on the weather and may need something to drink. 
  14. Get the 'find my phone' application just in case it is lost or misplaced. 
  15. Vehicle documentation: Current registration, tags & insurance for private or rented car (the rental agreement will have the information) check with your personal insurance company if you're covered in a rental. (In your memory book)
  16. Keep your 'My Airman's Memory Book' in/with your carry-on. If luggage gets lost, you'll want to have everything in it. Printable Memory Book checklist
  17. Binoculars
  • For your Airmen:

Everything they need can/should be shipped once you get their new address for Tech School.


Absolutely NO electronics are allowed back to the dorms during graduation weekend.
  • Electronics 

3/1/2013 - Posted by USAF

Effective: 1 Mar 2013 -- Airmen are no longer permitted to bring any electronic items (to include cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. purchased during the weekend) back to the squadron/dormitories during graduation weekend. The Air Force and BMT cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of items nor transportation baggage restrictions. Any electronic items purchased or brought to BMT during the graduation weekend should be shipped to their technical training location.

Source: USAF Basic Military Training/USAF

NOTE: Airmen have tried taking back a phone at graduation weekend and have been caught and recycled!

  • Luggage "MAY" be allowed back however this is based on the individual MTI. You may consider putting either the luggage or garment bag on layaway and they can pick it up at the end of Airman's week. The suitcase must NOT be larger than 24x26. Any color of luggage is acceptable per AFI. However they are only allowed to use solid black while in their AF Blues per AFI. The Garment bag should also be black. If they plan on doing any international traveling, do NOT put on any AF logo/rank/insignia.
  • Luggage from BMT to Tech:

When they leave for Tech School and this is to include even those moving from BMT to Tech School there at Lackland.

They are allowed 3 pieces of luggage. This includes a duffle bag (standard issued), standard suitcase 24x26 or garment bag (no USAF Insignia or Reference to the US AF if they are doing any international traveling (per OPSEC/PERSEC) a carry on, or backpack.

Excess luggage may delay them being out processed.

Airmen are required to carry all their own luggage. They are also responsible for shipping any excess items that will not fit in their luggage or what they can not carry, during transportation to the new Tech School.

They are NOT allowed to take back electronic gifts. This includes new phones, laptops, iPads, etc. The USAF WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for lost/stolen/damaged items.

You may want to bring an extra set of clothes for them. However, due to all the PT, they may have either gained or lost weight or inches. Be prepared to bring back anything you took.

Weapons Policy for Lackland


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