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You're expected to have certain mandatory items and paperwork upon arrival. Most of what you need can fit into a gym bag or small suitcase. Use the checklists provided and good judgment. If in doubt, ask your recruiter.

Check the most current Transportation Security Administration policy for what you can place in your carry-on luggage (gels, liquids, etc...). (The Transportation Security Administration web site is at

BMT-packing-checklist (MS word version)

BMT-packing-checklist (PDF version)

The following is from Air Force Basic Training Packing Checklist As of 21 Aug 19

          Items that are Italicized are suggestions and helpful information Air Force Moms Bmt has added. A printable version is available at the bottom of this page. 


1. The listing below are to ensure all new recruiters entering US Air Force BMT have proper items to minimize the possibility of interruptions in processing/training. These items

A. Mandatory items for all BMT recruits:

(1.) _____ List of all important contacts (i.e. mother, father, spouse, significant other) to include full LEGAL name, address and contact phone number (hand carry on route to BMT, identify as previously completed to Air Force personnel).  They will not always have their cell phone with them, but may be able to use pay phones if approved.

(2.) _____Completed Visitor Access Request Letter (VARL) signed by RECRUIT (*not recruiter) with all required information regarding any family member over the age of 18 who doesn't have a valid military (active, AFRC/ANG, or retired) ID to ensure ample time for background checks to be accomplished for graduation event attendees. Failure to complete fully and correctly WILL delay guests from gaining access to the base and/or attending graduation ceremonies. The recruiter sends the VARL electronically, but computer glitches happen. Better to have a copy with you, just in case. Make two copies, take the unsigned one with you to BMT and leave the signed copy with your parent/guardian or spouse.  

(3.) _____ Some cash/debit card in case of travel delays or possible pay issues after arrival to BMT. (Notify your banking institution you will be traveling to avoid your card being locked due to possible fraudulent)

(4.) _____ Copy of spouse’s driver’s license or state issued picture ID. This copy must be in color (picture visible) and does not expire within 30 days of recruit’s graduation.

(5.) _____ GUARD/RESERVE recruits only – 2 Copies of orders/Common Access Card (CAC).

(6.) _____ Ensure clothing worn /taken to BMT is of good taste and relevant to temperatures current to the JBSA Lackland area (e.g. jacket/coat during winter months).

(7.)_____Highly encourage a conservative watch.

(8.) _____ Spandex shorts – 3 pairs (Dark blue or black only with no visible ornamentation).

(9.) _____All doctor prescribed medications currently being taken in original bottle with label and original prescription documentation. FEMALE recruits – mandatory information for birth control medication.

AFMBMT suggests you also bring:      Your Enlistment Contract, RAP Paperwork and A Passport (if you have one)


B. Mandatory items for all female recruits:


(1.) _____ Black/white undergarments - 6 pairs of each. Bras RECOMMEND athletic bras
(*see Attachment 2 of pdf file; Sports Bra Information Sheet) and conservative underwear.
Cotton, no thong or no lace, no boys shorts. Compression shorts are allowed.

(2.) _____ Recruiters must ensure hair style/color is NATURAL and in accordance with AFI
36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of AF Personnel. Female recruits arriving and not
in compliance with the AFI will be required to correct their hair at their own expense.

(3.) _____ Hair ties and hair pins/clips of same natural hair color. Brushes or combs (1 each)

(4.) _____ Recommend at least a 2 week supply of feminine hygiene products.

(5.) _____ Conservative make-up. For official photo

(6.) _____ No acrylic or fake/false nails of any kind.

Nylons/panty hose (8 WOT) * natural color at least 4 pairs



C. Mandatory items for all male recruits:


(1.)        _____ Recommend at least a 2 week supply of shaving equipment (disposable razors are encouraged).   



  D. Additional notes:


(1.) Travel size toiletries are authorized.

(2.) NO aerosol products.

(3.) NO items containing alcohol (to include face wash, mouth wash, shaving products, etc.).

(4.) NO smart watches or electronic devices/high value items.

(5.) NO electronic face exfoliators.

(6.) NO over the counter medications, supplements, food or beverages.  

(7.) While in basic training contact lenses are extremely hard to care for and will only be worn until military issued glasses are provided. If arriving wearing contact lenses, bring at least a 2 week supply of maintenance solution. It is preferred that recruits bring glasses with hard case and current prescription.

Trainees who wear glasses are required to buy eyeglass straps.  Also bring Contact lenses prescription.

(8.)          ****_____All recruits are encouraged to bring a working charger for their cellular phone. Ensure the phone is activated for use through the entirety of BMT (i.e. bill paid, minutes purchased, auto payment set). If there will be a need to make international calls, ensure device is capable prior to departing for training.

(9.) IMPORTANT: All recruits are encouraged to begin preparing for BMT physical training, as early as possible prior to arrival. The American college of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days per week, or 20 minutes of more vigorous activity three days per week; and consultation
with their doctor before beginning any exercise program. Selection a good, safe running shoe that fits your feet and needs will help you avoid injuries (*see Attachment 1; American College of Sports Medicine’s Information of Selecting Running Shoes).

      F. Optional (highly encouraged) items:


(1.) Watch (1) * simple and black!

(2.) Sewing kit (1) * a must

(3.) Calling card YES!

(4.) Shaving items (Females) (1) take at least two disposable shavers. One to use one for display.

(5.) Neosporin & Mole Skin (you'll have to precut)

(6.) White socks (3)

(7.) Running shoes (1 pair) * get the best you can afford and a good set of gels

(8.) Baby wipes

Don't Bring

(11.)      Over-sized luggage or bags

(12.)      Knives, guns, brass knuckles or anything that may be used as a weapon

(13.)      Dice, playing cards or anything that may be used to gamble

(14.)      Magazines, books, crossword puzzles or any other media that is not of a religious nature

(15.)      Cigarettes, dip, lighters or any other tobacco products

(16.)      Large photo albums (A few photos are permitted but space is limited)

(17.)      Material that is pornographic or can be considered questionable



2.Members will be provided a backpack upon arrival as part of the Backpack Initiative which will
have the below items provided. Member’s pay for the backpacks from their $400 EZ Pay Card.
The backpacks are provided to make the process smoother. Members will be able to purchase
any additional items needed during their flights initial shopping run at the Base Exchange (BX)
upon arrival. If you have any further questions you may contact your local recruiters for further
information and guidance.


Backpack Initiative –Issued Upon Arrival

1 Laundry bag -$ 7.30

4 Mesh Bags -$ 15.96

1 Pad Lock -$ 3.95

2 Writing Pens -$1.30

2 Black Sharpies -$ 1.89

4 Brown Towels -$ 10.00

4 Blousing straps -$ 2.00

1 Flashlight -$ 9.30

ID card Holder -$ 5.25

1 Toothbrush -$ 0.79

1 Toothpaste $ 2.49

1 Toothbrush Case -$ 1.35

1 Dental Floss -$ 0.99

1 Foot Powder -$ 2.90

1 Deodorant -$ 2.89

1 Laundry Detergent -$ 4.45 If you are allergic to a certain kind of detergent, you may purchase another brand at your own expense.

1 BX Trash Bags -$ 1.79

Nail Trimming Kit -$ 3.99

1 Canteen -$ 3.40

1 Storage Container -$ 5.99

1 Backpack -$ 44.85

1 Reflective belt -$ 5.95

2 Silver Sharpie -$ 2.99

1 Ruler -$ 0.29

1 Highlighters -$ 1.99

1 Note Pad -$ 0.99

1 BK Stamps -$ 9.80

1 BX Envelopes -$ 1.29

1 “3 in 1” Soap -$ 2.95

Shower Shoes -$ 1.10


Backpack initiative –w/ backpack: $165 -$177


NOTE: This is due to availability of products listed above. If an item is unavailable, PRC staff will provide a list of those items that will be picked up at the flights Initial BX Run. The cost maybe higher/lower based on product name.

3. If you have any further questions you may contact your local recruiters for further information and guidance.


Create a notebook with all your documents, and continue to add those received thru your military career. 

 An ounce of prevention:

Any and all copies of tickets along with receipts of proof of payment (if applicable)

Original & certified copies of medical documents providing clearance from any officially diagnosed and documented medical condition that may be in question, i.e. depth perception issues (undiagnosed/undocumented medical issues should be discussed directly with your recruiter as some conditions may need a waiver or disqualify you from certain jobs or the Air Force.)

  **Official information can be viewed & printed by clicking on the official links.
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