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These are many official links to military pages and info. Here are a few we have to make things easier for you.

The Air Force will live stream the Graduation Parade and Review on Fridays. This is not guaranteed. It will depend on weather and the availability of personnel to run it. You can watch it at this link:

Official Air Force Live Graduation Stream


  • I. USAF Basic Military Training: The Official BMT Facebook Page

  • II. MTIA: Military Training Instructors Association by Squadrons

  • III. 737 Training Group AF Basic Military Training

  • IV. Base Locators

  • V. Base Lodging for all branches: The following lodging information has been compiled by Diane D.

1. Air Force Lodging for AF inns


2. Army Lodging 

3. US Navy Lodging link 

4. USMC Lodging 

5. This link gives military lodging by airport code or city state... Great for new moms and new airman that don't know where all bases happen to be.

6. This link has a number, under planning your getaway, to the military one source help line to find lodging for all military members. If there are issues due to age restrictions I suggest using this source to straighten things out. Under no circumstance should our military between 17-20 years old be turned away because they are not 21...

This link will give you information for the USOs in the US and around the world. They provide services for military personnel and their dependents.


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