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 Information here is from Posted 8/6/2014

The Get Fit program has been established to assist basic military training trainees who have failed their final physical training test in the 7th week of training.  Once the trainee has been identified, they are transferred and enrolled in the 737 Training Support Squadron Get Fit program on Monday of the 8th week of training.  Physical training evaluations are conducted every Tuesday, adjusted for holidays and weather.  Trainees are thoroughly briefed on the expectations needed for satisfactory progress in the program.  After the briefing, trainees are immediately afforded the opportunity to use the phone to inform family members of their new address and graduation date, if necessary.  Trainees are enrolled in the program for a maximum of 30 days, but can be recommended for separation from the Air Force earlier if the trainee is not making satisfactory progress in the program to achieve BMT physical training standards.

Trainees that arrive on Monday are afforded the chance to pass their deficient area(s) (push up/sit up/1.5 mile run) on Tuesday.  If trainees pass their area(s), they are sent back to their original flight and squadron and will graduate on time.  Those who do not pass are put through specific core muscle workouts six days a week while allowing a day off from physical training to attend a religious service of their choice.  Three days out of the week, trainees attend one of the JBSA-Lackland gyms for cardiovascular workouts.  Trainees are assisted by nationally certified personal trainers.  Trainees also receive weight and cardiovascular training daily by a certified military training instructor to specifically target each individual trainee's deficient areas.

In addition, trainees receive training on good nutrition habits and correct food choices.  Trainees learn the amount of water and calories that are required when they increase their exercise levels.  Confidence, perseverance, and determination are instilled in each trainee as they progress through the program. In the end, they achieve a sense of pride and teamwork needed to be successful in today's Air Force.

***Note from our resident MTI, Thomas Hollywood. If during the 7 weeks of training your Trainee met the run time it could be very possible that this time will be entered into the final PT doc should the trainee have problems passing it on the final PT exam. It is noted that their are factors to help or keep this from happening.


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