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Med Hold - 737th TRS




737th Training Support Squadron (TRSS) – Med Hold

Should a trainee be unable to continue in active training whether temporarily or permanently, they will be moved to the 737th Training Support Squadron. This move represents a change in training status and change of address so the trainee is authorized a call to notify the person of their choice. There are two pipelines in med hold. The first is for focused healing and the second is for the Entry Level Separation (ELS)

What are the typical Reasons a Trainee would move to Med Hold:

  • Injury that requires more time and focused physical therapy
  • Healing after a medical emergency like appendectomy
  • Medically disqualifying condition
  • Failure to Adapt to the Military Training Environment – including anxiety and depression
  • Failure to meet Physical Training standards (not passing final PT evals)
  • Waiver denials for medical, mental health or other issues that were not disclosed (and waivered as required) at enlistment or waiver denials for issues that arise during BMT.
  • Not passing drug screening or in the case of female trainees, testing positive on a pregnancy test
  • Misconduct (including insubordination, fighting, gambling etc.)
As a note – a trip to medical does not mean a trainee would be moved to the TRSS. Many minor medical issues can be handled by the medical team without the trainee leaving their flight. In addition to our Med Hold group, the med hold team works one on one with the family members to ensure medical privacy and that specific questions are addressed.  


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