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Graduation Gift Ideas




What "Gift" should I give my Airman?

The best gift we can give is having us there to rejoice in their accomplishment of becoming an Airman. If you are able to afford more than the trip, keep it within your budget and set that before you leave to Lackland.

Also, your airman, when leaving Lackland AFB, can only take that which fits inside their duffel or the suitcase/bag they brought with them. This means no larger items, such as their game console, a laptop, etc.
*** NO Electronics are allowed to go back with your Airman!!

G Shock watch: Per AFI 36-2903 Jan 2104: Watches. Must be conservative and only one can be worn around the wrist while in uniform, PTU, or civilian attire in an official capacity. Conservative examples (not all inclusive) are solid color black, brown, silver or gold. Prohibited examples are diamond- covered, neon, bright colors, and bands that exceed 1-inch width. (Reg info provided by Diane Dickey)

Bible or religious book:     Should you decide to send them with a bible, you can have it embossed (staples, Office Depot, etc) or you can get a free one using this link. It's a paperback, Psalm 91 a collection of protection promises.: Your AB is allowed only one book while at BMT, the Bible or Religious Prayer/meditation book. It could be something as special as one that he/she has had for years or a new one given to them at a special moment before he/she leaves. Here is a bible that is made for the military person and is free.

A small medallion

ABU fleece jacket

Garment Bag: It's suggested Not to have it embroidered with anything military as part of their PERSEC.

BOOK: "NOTES TO MY SON" With a graduation letter written inside the cover.

Suitcase: They're going to be traveling a lot more. Either a carryon or full-sized, let them choose (?) Ross has some really great deals on suitcases (or Kohl's). Have him/her pick it out with you post- BMT.

Computer bag: We got our son one that was TSA approved, had lots of pockets and was a messenger bag, but your airman might have a better idea of what s/he wants. Have him/her pick it out post- BMT.

Coin holder: Check out TheCaseworks on etsy. These are made in TX.

Nike Boots: You can buy them at the tactical stores outside the base or order online. They run small, so order 1/2 size up.
***NOTE - Certain jobs and/or bases require certain boots.

Pre-Loaded Visa/MC/American Express card: This way they can shop at the BX when they get to their new base.
Did you know?
Both the base commissary (grocery store) and AAFES (Army/ Air Force Exchange Service) AKA the Base Exchange (BX) or Post Exchange (PX for army locations) allow anyone to purchase and give gift cards? You do not have to be a DOD ID card holder to purchase and give to valid DOD ID holders as a gift. One only need to be a valid DOD ID holder to use the gift cards. Did you know the AAFES gift card can be used at the AAFES run facilities on base like clothing sales, cleaners, bowling ally, movie theater, shoppettes, hobby shops, and gas stations? And AAFES gift cards are also able to be used at a NEX (Navy Exchange) and NEX cards at AAFES! The AAFES link also has the ability to purchase calling cards too!

You can purchase on-line-
Commissary - Link direct to gift cards: great gift for airman post BMT to get microwaveable meals or snack food...

AAFES- ( this link may not work on mobile device) if needed on mobile device drop the /scs and the bottom of the page has a desktop view. Once in the desktop view, on the bottom of the page under the heading 'Shop my Exchange' select purchase gift and calling cards.

Standard Earrings: no larger than 6mm round they can be white round pearls, round diamonds, gold or silver round balls.

Have them pick out a cell phone, computer, camera, etc and have it shipped to their Tech School once you get the address

Military standard purse for females:
Purse is not a mandatory item. As an optional item it just has to meet the requirements of AFI 36-2903... Paragraph Handbags. Handbags for all uniform combinations will be solid black leather or vinyl without ornamentation, with or without plain fold-over flap, with or without single- placed silver or gold-colored clasp, with black stitching only. Handbags may have up to two adjustable shoulder straps with or without buckles on the straps. Handbags will not exceed 13(W) x 9(H) x 4 1/2 in bulk. Clutch-Style Purses. Clutch-style purses for all uniform combinations will be plain black smooth or scotch-grain leather, patent leather, high-gloss or manmade material without ornamentation, with black stitching only. Fabric, suede, and patent leather may be carried with the mess dress, formal dress and ceremonial dress uniforms. Clutch-style purses will be no larger than 6 1/2 (H) x 11(W) inches or no smaller than 5(H)x 9(W) inches. Clutch-style purses will have a concealed closure and may have a wrist strap. Exception: Do not use patent leather purse when wearing semi-formal dress. Purse Source: USAF AFI, compiled by Diane Dickey


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