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Fly Flag over Capitol/Pentagon



Fly a flag over the Capitol or Pentagon

You can have a flag flown over the Capitol or Pentagon in honor of someone's anniversary, birthday, retirement, etc...

You may request that your flag be flown on a certain date such as a birthday or anniversary. Be sure to mail in your request at least 4 weeks prior to the date you have selected. Your flag will be mailed to you and arrive 3-4 weeks after the date you have specified (Since September 11th, 2001 it may take longer to receive your flag).

Enclosed with your flag will be a Certificate from The Architect Of The Capitol certifying that your flag was flown as requested. If you mention in your letter that this flag is for any specific occasion, that information will be included on the certificate.

Flag order information is typically found under "Constituent Services". All requests for flags must be made through your United States Senator's, or Representative's offices. The Architect of the Capitol does not accept requests for Capitol flags.

The United States Senate

The United States House of Representatives

To place a flag request:

1. Visit the website for your Senator or Representative. Links to the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House Representatives are located above. Many Members of Congress have directions and order forms available online. If instructions for making flag requests are not online, contact your Senator or Representative for instructions.

2. Complete the form and return with your payment to your Senator or Representative, who will forward your request to the Architect of the Capitol.

A Certificate of Authenticity is issued by the Architect of the Capitol with each flag flown.

Only the official 50-Star flag or a past official U.S. Flag will be flown.

All flags must be made in the United States.

The largest flag able to be flown over the United States Capitol is 8 x 12.

FLAG PRICE RANGE: Depending on the size of the flag, the prices range from $13.25 to $22.55 (plus shipping and handling).

NOTE: The prices above do not include shipping and handling since it varies by location.

  • How to Order Flags Flown over the Pentagon:

Guidelines for Requesting an American Flag(s) Flown Over the Pentagon

  1. The requestor must provide the flag. All requests must be submitted no more than 15 business days in advance and the least must be 5 business days from date of receipt of the flag if you are mailing the flag(s) please add on an additional week.***Per a phone call to the Pentagon, their standard size to fly is 3X5 flag
  2. Each returned flag will be accompanied by a certificate verifying the date upon which the flag was flown and the name of the person for whom the flag was flown.
  3. The requestor (without Pentagon access) must provide within the package return postage from the post office or another requestor pre-paid shipping method (i.e. FedEx or UPS Air Bill with an account number or postage stamps) for the flag and certificate to be returned. (The Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) cannot accept cash, money orders or checks for the return postage. PFPA is not responsible for providing return postage or packaging.)
  4. The requestor will be notified immediately to arrange for shipping if return postage or another paid shipping method is not received with the flag so that the flag and certificate can be returned. (Due to limited space flag(s) cannot be held for more than 30 days from date of receipt.)
  5. A typed or printed letter of request must accompany the flag and contain the following information:
    • The name of the person and organization of the flag recipient.
    • The occasion the flag will be flown for, if any (e.g. retirements, anniversary, birthday, etc.)
    • Verbiage on certificate goes up to 32 spaces total.
    • The specific date the flag is requested to be flown on. If no date is specified, the flag will be flown 15 business days after receipt of the flag.
    • The point of contact's name, address, and their telephone number (commercial and/or DSN) and email address.
  6. Requestors with Pentagon access my go directly to 5B890 during the hours specified below:


  • Monday-Friday (excluding Federal Holidays)
  • 0900?1230 and 1400?1600
  • 703.692.7842


American Flag Protocol

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