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Connecting on Facebook with Air Force M.O.M.S. B.M.T.

Mentoring Our Military Supporters  Bringing Many Together

We have several different ways of helping and supporting you on this journey.

Air Force MOMS BMT
Our open page where you can ask questions in an open forum.

Please join us in one of our closed discussion groups on Facebook.
Click the links below and then click "+Join group". There are questions to answer when you request to join. This is to protect our Airmen/trainees as much as possible.

Air Force MOMS BMT group (Main)
This is the heart & foundation of Air Force MOMS BMT, where you are mentored from Pre-BMT throughout your Airman's career. We will walk along side of you, guiding you with compassion, friendship and a new family who understand what you are going through.

Air Force Spouse & MILSO (Main)
This closed group is for the wife, husband, fiancee', boyfriend or girlfriend of our Air Force recruits, trainees and Airmen.

Air Force Parents (Main)
This closed group is for parents of Airmen.

Air Force DEP
This closed group is for future airman who are in DEP - Delayed Entry Program

Air Force MOMS Pre-BMT
This closed group is for family to get prepared and help your recruit be prepared for BMT.

Air Force MOMS BMT Med Hold and Get Fit
This closed group is for those who have a Trainee while in BMT who is injured or sick enough to be pulled out of training and into Med Hold.

The MAN Cave by Air Force MOMS BMT
This closed group just for dads, husbands, granddads, brothers, uncles, ect...

Air Force MOMS and Healthy Living
This closed group is for sharing healthy recipes and workout ideas with others. Share your progress!

BAM - Blue Angel Moms - Sharing H.I.S. Love
This closed group is for family to send or receive cards/letters for trainees/Airmen who are celebrating a birthday or might just need a little pick me up.

Air Force MOMS BMT Care Packages
This closed group is for sharing ideas and having fun sending care packages to those we love.

Air Force MOMS BMT Our Daughters Serve
This closed group is for families that have daughters serving.

Air Force MOMS BMT Families of  PJ Trainees
This closed group is for families who have loved ones that are Pararescue Jumper trainees.

There are other specific groups that require you to join the main group and then contact Lorraine in order to join. This is to protect our Airmen/trainees/recruits as much as possible.

We have a list of state groups that are for meeting other families that are close to you in your state in the main group.

We also have a list of  base groups and tech school groups for information for those bases/tech schools in the main group.

After joining our main closed group, you may also join the individual events that are more specific to your needs. You will not need to to be approved, just click going :)

Angels Prayer Room

Separation or Retirement