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Air Force MOMS BMT does NOT receive or request any type of compensation from any entity including you or these companies! We take pride in knowing that our links are to vendors that are AAFES! Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) facilities support Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) activities on military bases worldwide through their sales! The following links are to companies that have specific items which are available to the military community & families...

Don't keep up with the Jones'. Forgo getting the banners and t-shirts you may see other families getting for graduation. Those are great things to have, but they're not mandatory. If you just gotta have a banner, make one yourself - they're just as nice and straight from the heart. In the end, your Airman just wants to see you! Once there, go to a local market or flower shop and buy balloons you can blow up, crepe paper streamers, a funny card, poster board and markers to make a sign. Use them to decorate your hotel room for your post-Graduation Day time together. Have his/her favorite cookies or a bakery cake. That will all seem fantastic to them!

What if .... What if you made your own banner or t-shirt? Gather family members who are not able to go and make a sign or a few shirts. You can use items such as butcher paper, construction paper, or even an extra large pillow case for the banner! Or buy plain shirts and decorate. Paints, markers, glue, iron ons, etc. Plaster your hands, sign your names, have fun!

Here is another great idea a 'Banner-Case'* A banner case is when you get a pillow case and use it to make a banner! You can use the markers, paint puff, material paint too. But the great part about this is that they'll be able to take it with them and sleep with it at night.

*Banner-Case is the intellectual property of Lorraine Silva.

You can also get banners from Lackland Shirt Shop .

Air Force Logo usage - Personal Items Department of Defense employees, their immediate families, and veterans may use the Air Force Symbol on personal items such as welcome home T-shirts, cakes, personalized candies, crafts and custom-made gifts, contingent on their use being within the established guidelines in this website. These items must not be created for sale, advertising or potential endorsements. Use of the Emblem and Air Force Symbol must adhere to guidelines at this site. Designs must still be approved by the Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program Office. When requesting companies to make custom orders with the Emblem or Air Force Symbol, the customer must inform the company that they do not have permission to replicate the product for mass distribution. Only the item(s) requested by the Airman, family member or veteran are authorized for them to make. Some companies savvy in trademark law may request official permission to create the product. If so, e-mail your request to For a list of vendors already approved and licensed click here.

  • Lackland Basic Training Store:

Basic Training Store

You can order shirts, cups, etc with your Airman's Official BMT Photo (Blues). What better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee or tea and your AB's face?

  • Buttons:

Since we know you can't wait that long, if you contact BVP ( 210-272-0293) or BMT store (Basic Training Store) on line you can order buttons of your AB in their blues. You will not get a preview, but it is exciting to have! What's great is that you can order your buttons as early as WOT 1. You'll need to provide AB Last, First MI and TRS/FLT.

  • Lackland Shirt Shop:

(210) 670-8541

Mon-Sat 0900-1900

Sun 1100-1700

Lackland Shirt Shop

We are the Official Vendor for All of the BMT Squadrons at Lackland AFB. All of the Squadron Items that we offer are the Authentic Products. These are also Known As The Airman's Run Shirts. You may find knock-off shirts as our official items are often imitated. Our company is an Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) facility so we also support Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) activities on military bases worldwide through our sales! We also offer customizable banners for you trainees graduation.

There are 2 locations on base in the minimalls and 1 location off base to visit if you don't order online.
1530 Femoyer Street
1451 Stewert St
7019 West Plaza - Off Base

*** SPECIAL NOTE*** When you place your order there will be a promotional code to enter. Please enter AFMBMT10. This will give you a discount.

Again, we here at Air Force MOMS BMT do NOT make any monies or receive any favors.  

*** Some times the different FLTs may decide to make a custom shirt. They are limited in size & quantity. Should they make these, they call and let you know. This is a ONE time order. So order what you need because when you pick them up AFTER the Airman's Run you can only get what YOU ordered.

Photos Basic Video Productions (BVP) : Basic Video Productions

There are no previews of your AB in their Blues.

link to prices and info - BVP Prices

Anything worth doing is, is worth doing well. It takes times to get the photos shipped out to you, but the time is so well worth the wait.

Photos are taken by BVP between arrival WOT 0 and WOT 6. Official Airmen "Blues" photo are taken during WOT 5 between Mon & Sat. The photos taken between WOT 0 - WOT 6, along with their Official Blues photos are available for purchase by the Airmen. You'll want to contact BVP about WOT 6 to verify that your AB has placed the order. If not, you can order while at graduation, however, you will have to pay for shipping.  You will have an opportunity to also purchase the video of "Events" while at graduation. The "Events" include the Coin Ceremony, The Graduation Parade and 'shout outs' taken on Thurs while waiting for 'Events'.  It will take at least 30-60 days to be processed, shipped & delivered.

Contact info for BVP - (210) 272-0293 Mon-Wed central. If you forget to order something, don't worry. You can order up to 5 years after graduation.


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    Insight from Teddy regarding "Hometown News Release"

    Just answered a private message for someone, but thought I would give the info here so you would know also: Each trainee will fill out a Hometown News release, that information will be put in a data base that Newspapers and radio stations who subscribe can get the information and publish it. The site isn't open to public. Some papers do it and some don't. Here is an example I found of what they look like:

    Air Force Airman (name) graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas.

    The airman completed an intensive, eight-week program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills.

    Airmen who complete basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force.

    (Name) is the son of (Mothers name) of (Location) and (Fathers name) of (Location) He is a (year) graduate of (Name of School)

  **Official information can be viewed & printed by clicking on the official links.
*All other information is considered ©AirForceMOMSBMT for personal use only not to be used in part or whole for or by any other group without explicit written consent from Lorraine Silva