BMT TRS Mascots & FLT Groups




Arriving at BMT, Trainees will be divided into TRSs (Squadrons) and then into FLTs (Flights).
Each TRS Squadron has its own Mascot with a logo.

In joining our closed group and closed FLT groups, you will receive the benefits of having access to personal experiences and support of other Air Force families and we can also get you in touch with others who have loved ones in the same FLT as your loved one.

Our group is a closed group. When you request to join, you will receive a PM on Facebook from an administrator. Please respond to the PM, so we can get you added and get you in touch with others.
**Sometimes the PM will go to your "other" box. You can find it next to the word 'Inbox' in your messages.
Facebook has made recent changes and some "other" boxes are now labeled "Message Requests" and "inbox" has been replaced with "Recent".

Here is the list of TRSs with their mascots. Click on your TRS to see the list of FLTs. Click on your FLT to meet others in the same FLT.

TRS 320:
Mascot: Gators
Motto: "Can't stop the rock!"
Shirt colors: Red or Black


TRS 321:
Mascot: Warthogs
Motto: "Low, slow & kill everything below!"
Shirt color: Grey or Green


TRS 322:
Mascot: Eagles
Motto: "Second to none, come get some!"
Shirt colors: Gold or Blue


TRS 323:
Mascot: Mustangs
Motto: "Anytime! Anyplace! Mustangs!"
Shirt color: Maroon


TRS 324:
Mascot: Knights
Motto: "Ready to Battle"
Shirt color: Purple

TRS 326:
Mascot: Bulldogs
Motto: Leading the Pack
Shirt color: Navy Blue

TRS 331:
Mascot: Wolfpack
Motto: "Wolfpack, Lead the Way!"
Shirt color: Black

Mascot: Knights
Motto: TBA
Shirt Color: Olive Green

TRS 433:
Mascot: Raiders
Motto: You need, We lead
Shirt color: TBA

TRS 737:
Mascot: Raptors
Motto: "Unseen, On Target"
Shirt Color: TBA