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Arrival Call and Letters




First Contact:


When your trainee arrives at San Antonio's International Airport, they will be greeted by a BMT Reception Center Military Training Instructor (MTI). Newly arriving trainees are instructed to call home and let family know they safely arrived in San Antonio - regardless if your trainee called you when they first get off the plane.

Your trainee will call again within a 72 hour period of arriving in San Antonio. The purpose of this phone call is to give you their mailing address the trainee will be using for the next 8 ½ weeks.

Each MTI is unique and therefore your call may or may not include one or more of the following. Your trainee may call and read off the address. Your trainee may send you a text message which includes the address. Your trainee may follow up with a call. Your trainee is given graduation information to mail home. It will have their address on it. They are given ONLY ONE. Please share with those you trainee has asked you too. For safety reasons, DO NOT MAKE A PUBLIC POST WITH THIS ADDRESS. Instead, we suggest that you make a post those of you wishing to write to .... please send me a PM so that I can send you the address via PM. Also make sure they are aware of what may or may not be sent.
Writing Ideas

Please prepare yourself mentally for the call as there is not time to chat and your Airman may seem very stressed or emotional. Rest assured your Trainee is just fine. We highly suggest you have a pen and paper ready during this time period.

YOUR TRAINEE?S ADDRESS FORMAT:                              Printable Format

The TRS and FLT #s will be provided to you by your Trainee.

Again, the call is scripted, short, and often emotional, so be prepared to fill in the blanks. Here’s an example of the address filled in:

AB Doe, John R

322 TRS/FLT 453

1320 Truemper Street

JBSA Lackland AFB TX 78236-6432

I did not get the address:

If for whatever reason you do not get the info (maybe it was too loud or bad connection) please do not panic. The next course of action is to sit back and wait because your trainee has filled out graduation information to mail home with his/her mailing address.

If an emergency arises while they are at BMT, you need to contact the local American Red Cross. They will contact the squadron directly and give them the message. Please do not attempt to contact their squadron directly.

Cell Phone Policy

******Writing and Receiving Letters

Start writing the night before he/she leaves. The first letter should be something that they will cherish forever, and they will. So please take the time and make it a handwritten letter. The next several hours will take them out of their comfort zone and this letter will be a comfort to them.

Now it may take a day or two before you get their address, but keep writing daily. Once have the address, you can mail them all at once.

Here are some tips to help you....

1. Your trainee (AB) will call when they are authorized to in Week of Training (WOT) 3 and again in WOT 6. There is NO specific date or time and if you ask you'll get Multiple and conflicting information because each MTI is different. Meanwhile their phones are locked up.

2. Calls can come at any time on any day from Any PHONE! Answer everything especially 210.

3. If your AB is calling shout out in your TRS/FLT group so that others know!

4. If you haven't figured it by now, your phone is attached to your hip.

5. Even though some FLTs may be getting calls your call may come on another day.

6. Even though your FLT is calling your AB may have duties and will call on another day.

7. No news is good news! Trainees Will be given an opportunity to call if there is illness, injury or if they have been recycled which would cause a delay in their graduation dates.

8. Encourage your trainee to work with the rest in the FLT. The quicker they start working together the easier it will be and they may earn extra phone time.

9. Some FLTs work so well together, they are given patio time or base liberty and may use this time to call home or go get something to eat. They will NOT have their phones and will be waiting in a very long line to call. If it's hot they may be cranky. Those pay phones have awful reception!!!!

10. Please have your list of questions ready! You'll be so excited to hear from them you will forget your questions. If they are written down and near your phone, you'll remember easier.


How is your PT? Really working on it, I'm ok, I'm above the crowd.

How are your Inspections?

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