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My Airman's Memory Book




"My Airman's Memory Book"

This is the Intellectual Property of Lorraine Silva

You may find that we have so much information that you get overwhelmed. That's ok, here is a tip. If you find something that you like or think you'll need, print it out. Remember all this information is put together for your personal use. Have fun and make it personal! Print out their Mascot that you can find in the TRS/FLT Event, or print out a special photo that reminds you of them.

Here's a wonderful suggestion, once you have printed and have all your documents inserted you'll be set to go. Once you get back home make it your memory book. Make sure you've made copies of all the letters you've sent and also insert all the letters you've received.
Don't forget to print out your Airman's Moms Creed and add it too.

Organization is a key to being prepared for graduation!


  1. One 3" covered ring binder, white, with transparent coversheet sleeve on front and CD sleeve inside.
  2. One set/box of colored tabbed dividers
  3. One set/box of clear page coversheets
  4. College-ruled writing paper
  5. Two rewritable CDs

The tab dividers will help you quickly find your printouts of maps, WOTs, legal docs, things to do on/off base etc...

Place a single sheet of writing paper at the front of the folder, to be used as a master index, if no master index was included.

Place 10/20 sheets of paper in each section, to be used for notes or written records.

The first CD can include the photos that you've sent and make it special by sharing WHY you sent those photos and the special meaning it has to you.
The second will be "Legal & Important Documents." Scan, and name each document and save on the CD- put one in the CD sleeve, and give the other to a trusted family member, friend or attorney for safe keeping. These documents would be the Power of Attorney (POA), Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) or the legal document which he/she has made for you.

For official/legal documents, each clear page-cover sheet should enclose one (1) original document along with at least one photo copy of the same (with "copy" printed in a clearly visible manner at the top) - place the original and the copy back to back so that if all the copies have been used, the "blank" original back will indicate the need to make more copies.
In the corner of the sleeve, affix a colored tab to include the name of the document, i.e. POA Document

Pre Graduation & while at BMT:

 Address Template (one for fridge and one to carry with you in case they call while your not home)

 Red Cross Emergency Template (one for fridge and one for purse/wallet)

 Air Force MOMS BMT Calendar  (one for the fridge and one for the book)

Envelopes that are Pre addressed/stamped and have your return address. Why? Use your time. While you are waiting in line, at the doctor's office or just have a minute or two, pull out some paper and write a note.

Have some Air Force MOMS BMT labels with you in case you meet another Angel who may need our support. This way you can share where you got support and help.

Packing list for graduation

Graduation Check list:                                                 Printable Graduation Check list

We are staying at: __________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Phone # & contact person: __________________________________________________
Confirmation #: ____________________________________________________________

Airlines: ____________________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________ Time: _______________________
Confirmation #: _____________________________________________________________

Rental Car
Company: ___________________________________________________________________
Location: ____________________________________________________________________
Confirmation #: _____________________________________________________________

Make or order: _________________________________________________________________

Button(s): _________ Confirmation #: ___________________________________________

Shirts: ____________ Confirmation #: ___________________________________________

Check List:
Valid Photo ID: State issued driver's license, State issued ID or passport.
Flight information.
Personal or Rental Car information
1. Car Registration
2. Car Insurance: Check with your personal insurance carrier to see if you are covered while driving a rental. This way you do not have to purchase from the rental company.
3. Car Tags: Make sure the tags on the vehicle are current.

1. Metro San Antonio                                             Schedules
2. Downtown San Antonio                                      1. Event schedule
3. Base Gate locations & hours                               2. On base shuttle schedule and locations
4. Base Map                                                               A. Clockwise Base Schedule
5. Event Map                                                              B. Counter Clockwise Base Schedule
6. Teddy's Map                                                       3. Chapel Services and locations
7. Bus Stop Locator for USO

  ©AirForceMOMSBMT for personal use only not to be used in part or whole for or by any other group without explicit written consent from Lorraine Silva