30 Day Writing Challenge



Writing Challenge

*** When addressing your trainee, he/she will be referred to as Airman.

Air Force MOMS BMT believes in giving credit where credit is due, this was originally in the US Army Future Soldier Family. I think it deserves being shared:

Follow this 30 day challenge to help pass the time while your Soldier is away at BCT! By the end you will also have something to look back on and share with your Soldier. You will need a journal, notebook, or folder of some type. Day 30 will end with your arrival at Family Day to see your Soldier, so you should start Day 1 of this challenge accordingly so that you will end it on your Soldier's Family Day!

*** Remember to switch Airman for Soldier

Day 1
Remember the first day you laid eyes on your Soldier...remember the feelings, the thoughts, etc. and write them down as if you went back in time and were reliving that day all over again.
For a new mother, it may have been when the doctor first placed the little one in your arms. For a spouse, well you know how that story went as if it happened just yesterday, right? Write and remember like it was Day 1 all over again.

Day 2
Find a favorite photo of your Soldier; remember the moment it was taken, what you were doing, what was your Soldier doing, and reflect on the picture and why it is your favorite. Write this in your journal.
If you have a copy of the picture, add it to the journal, make your pages colorful. Maybe it is a baby photo, mischievous photo, or a favorite memory of your loved one. Throughout the day today reflect on that photo.

Day 3
Today you will remember a very special FAMILY moment...one that brought the most joy and silent words to your heart about how happy you were to be together as a family. For the love birds, remember the first time you were introduced to your Soldier's family and how it made you feel. The Army is a small world and yet, its family is big and it comes together for one another in times of need, joy and definitely celebration. Remember FAMILY and your SOLDIER. Write this in your journal!

Day 4
HOME: a place which one's domestic affections are centered.
Today, you will describe your Soldier's hometown and remember, in their words, what they would miss most about HOME. Could it be the ice cream shop on the corner? A favorite park? The beach? Maybe it's the memories shared at the local high school. Wherever and whatever it may be, if you said the name of their hometown...what memory of their favorite place comes to mind?

Day 5
Today you will take a moment and remember your loved one's SMILE...take a second to remember the different feelings that would come from seeing those pearly whites, or the thought running through your mind when you caught the sneaky grin, you can also reflect on the laughter that came with that smile and just how it made you feel to hear happiness. This is going to be that one smile that will be outshined by the SMILE you will see when reunited with your loved one on Family Day.

Day 6
Acrostic Poetry - take your Soldier's first name and use each of the letters to come up with a word that describes your Soldier. Feel you need to be challenged? Use each letter to start a sentence that describes in detail who your Soldier is to you.

Day 7
Father is the male parent or, in some cases, the individual who gives paternal care over persons. Mother is the female parent or, in some cases, the individual who gives maternal care over persons.
Remember in one of three ways a touching moment between Father and Child/Mother and Child...Your Soldier as a Father/Mother, Your Soldier and his Father/Mother, or Your Soldier and someone whom cared for him as a Father or Mother. Most of our special memories are made from the gentle moments in time between parent and child and this is your day to remember.

Day 8
Items are always a great reminder of our loved ones...find a photo of a FLOWER that reminds you the most of your Soldier, think about the color, the reason and the way the flower makes you feel.
It might have been a construction paper flower for Mother's Day, the first bouquet you ever received or the flower that represented your love the best. Everyone has a story, express your bloom today. Write this down and add the flower to your journal!

Day 9
One of the hardest parts of your Soldier being at BCT is not being able to hear their voice every day. Watch this video of SIT's about to receive their cell phones back at the end of their BCT cycle: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxDmC9uCFqQ
Have you received a phone call from your Soldier since they've been gone? If so, write about that experience - how you felt when the phone rang, when you answered and heard their voice, what you talked about, etc. Describe how their voice makes you feel. If you haven't received that call yet, write about how much you miss their voice and what you can't wait to say to them!

Day 10
Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hne68QXlJA0
Think about the video you just watched above and describe how you can't wait for the day that you are reunited with your SOLDIER, all your expectations and what you plan to do to help make Family Day be a special and memorable day for you both.

Day 11
When was the last time you saw your Soldier stand up tall and proud to proclaim something they believed in...remember the moment, remember the reason, remember the way it made you feel listening to something that your SOLDIER took to heart and truly expressed with words that moved you.

Day 12
Look back in the past and write about the one person who may have made an influential decision on your SOLDIER's choice to become a US Soldier. If there was no one in particular, describe their decision and then how it made you feel. Compare those feelings then to the ones you have now. And then ask yourself, has your SOLDIER's decision influenced you in any way to be a different person who also stands strong and proud of what you believe in?

Day 13
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...and a woman eats what only she desires. What was the last food item your SOLDIER desired before heading to BCT? Did you make a trip to a special restaurant in celebration of their enlistment? What has been the most talked about snack, drink or just the home cooked meal they have been wanting? I wouldn't doubt that come Family Day, the food desires will be met by the best of your ability.

Day 14
This one is short and sweet....if you had to pick a color that reminded you of your SOLDIER, what would it be and why?

Day 15
One of the ARMY Values that your SOLDIER is expected to learn and live up to while being one of the United States' finest is loyalty. It simply means "the state of being loyal, a faithfulness to commitment and obligation" and today you will remember when your SOLDIER showed such an act that may have displayed this value. In your eyes, how did such a moment possibly define the character that makes up your SOLDIER.

Day 16
Another ARMY Value defined to the Soldier as "fulfill your obligations." Doing your duty means more than carrying out your assigned tasks. Duty means being able to accomplish tasks as part of a team. The work of the U.S. Army is a complex combination of missions, tasks and responsibilities - all in constant motion. Our work entails building one assignment onto another. You fulfill your obligations as a part of your unit every time you resist the temptation to take "shortcuts" that might undermine the integrity of the final product.
Write about a time when your SOLDIER displayed this value!

Day 17
Respect is a value that not only your SOLDIER but anyone would expect. Your Soldier will hear it used repeatedly as there are expectations to uphold this value. Not just to one self but to country, the Army, their family and each other. Having self-respect to be the best Soldier they can be and never shame all they stand for.
Complete the sentence or describe the moment: My Soldier once showed an incredible amount of respect...

Day 18
SELFLESS SERVICE (** Similar to Air Force "Service Before Self" Core Value)
A value that we all at one point and time have given freely for the prosperity of others. For your SOLDIER, it is putting "the welfare of the nation, the Army and their subordinates before their own. In serving their country, they are doing their duty loyally without thought of recognition or gain. The basic building block of selfless service is the commitment of each team member to go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how he or she can add to the effort."
Before determining to sign up for service, your SOLDIER may have displayed this value on one or more occasions. Can you remember that day and how you felt knowing that their cares went beyond themselves? Take a moment to recollect the thoughtfulness for another over their own and sometimes selfish needs. Now, when your SOLDIER faithfully displays this value, you will look upon that moment and realize how much better a person they have become as they now make a sacrifice for not just one but all.

Day 19
The Army value that ties all 7 together, because as a SOLDIER each value allows them to commit to a way of living that is respectable, fair, and holds their beliefs and actions to a higher standard. SOLDIERS are awarded medals and recognition for the honor presented whether it is because they "make honor a matter of their daily living" or work hard in their training and who they have become and all they have accomplished. Distinguished Honors are given to those who lead above the rest and yet, set an example for all others to hopefully learn from and follow.
Your loved one will stand proud for all he or she has become in the last few weeks, how will you honor your SOLDIER for their commitment on Graduation Day? Some will quietly with a gift, a small token of appreciation and others will have a grand celebration for a family dinner. Share in your thoughts how your SOLDIER deserves the HONOR for making this selfless sacrifice for his/her country and for all.

Day 20
INTEGRITY (** Air Force #1 Core Value)
"Do what's right, legally and morally. Integrity is a quality you develop by adhering to moral principles. It requires that you do and say nothing that deceives others. As your integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you. The more choices you make based on integrity, the more this highly prized value will affect your relationships with family and friends, and, finally, the fundamental acceptance of yourself."
Your loved one understands the value of INTEGRITY as it has helped them become a US SOLDIER. This defines them as they have stood strong for who they wanted to be, trusted in others to help them through and provide for their well-being as well as those who depend on them. Remember one morally right decision that your SOLDIER has done in their past to better themselves and possibly affect the lives of others.

Day 21
It is a value that has been long associated with the Army. It is described as not only physical but a moral courage. Your SOLDIER will display this value when facing fear, danger or adversity and yet, with their strengths make a decision on the right path. Not only as a SOLDIER but as individuals we display our own acts of personal courage, "we stand up for things that we know are honorable."
Take this day to remember the man or woman who left weeks ago to set out to be one of America's finest...remember the moment they swore oath into the US Army, they displayed this courage for the first time. Aware of what they learned from recruiters and what was visible to them they overcame fears and now are prepared for whatever the Army calls them to do. Was there a time before service that your SOLDIER showed Personal Courage and made you just as proud as right now? Remember and share those feelings...

Day 22
Independence is the freedom to do and be without the control or influence of others. As young children, many will show their parents how they can be big girls and big boys, and do things all by themselves. As they age, they will learn how independence helps them make sound judgment calls to be an adult and take care of themselves, all by themselves. In the time that your Soldier has been at BCT, you may have noticed a change...maybe even confidence to be independent. What change have you noticed? Do you see the good, and how it may have overturned any bad? Have the strengths they shared made you feel more confident in them? Remember your SOLDIER and the independent individual they have become through the years...

Day 23
Your SOLDIER has expectations to succeed. With their best foot forward and determination, they will. The words that make up a part of the "Soldier's Creed" are known as "Warrior Ethos." These words are strong and said with conviction as they are proudly proclaimed in being an American Soldier. Watch this video to hear the Soldier's Creed recited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynl8kYCYImg
If you took each line, can you relate it to a memorable moment when your SOLDIER displayed these great words? And when there comes a moment that they will need your moral support, you will be able to share these stories of the past that help them remember they will live up to the expectations of these short sentences and SUCCEED...
"I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade."
*** You can find the Airman's Creed here AIRMAN'S CREED

Day 24
One week and counting to the day you have all been waiting for...there is so much excitement as you are so close to seeing your Soldier for the first time in 10 long weeks, your loved one now an American Soldier.
Take today to reflect back and remember how you first felt when they left...remember all the emotions you were going through and compare them to the feelings you have today. Are there improvements that help make you stronger to handle this life choice of your Soldier? What are the first words that you may utter as soon as you see them? Today you tell your Soldier (in your journal) how you felt and how you are feeling, and what you believe will help you continue to support them no matter what.

Day 25
Graduation Day is one week away. One of the proudest days, when along with their battles, your loved one will stand proud, confident and accomplished for completing their training in Basic Combat and have now joined the greatest Army ever as a US SOLDIER. Reciting the words to the Soldier's Creed and making the commitment to be one of the best America has to offer.
Today, you will just reflect on those anticipated feelings during that one hour ceremony a week from today. Paste the page away with pictures of those memories and finish the note: "To my US Soldier, I am ____________________." Complete the sentence or write every emotion you are feeling at that time. It will be an instant memory to always have to remember.

Day 26
There are three true colors that are representative of our country; they fly in flags all across our great nation and deep where our representation is known. Our Soldiers wear them proudly and we are ever grateful when displaying them in our Patriotism. It is symbolized for our loyalty and commitment to the United States of America.
Today, close your eyes, say each color out loud, and think of your SOLDIER...today you describe the moment to each...RED, WHITE, and BLUE...this is the final flag that flies after the long 10 weeks of each phase now complete.

Day 27
For the first time in 9 weeks, after your loved one has been challenged and completed the quest, it is a great feeling of accomplishment to know that they can truly call themselves a US SOLDIER. Rites of Passage have always been a defining moment after a grueling week of field exercises and yet dealing with the elements of Mother Nature.
Take a second to look back on your SOLDIER and remember a similar moment that your loved one worked so hard for, struggled through weeks mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally to come out of the situation a better person. How did that moment impact your SOLDIER and what feelings did they share with you to help you feel just as proud of the moment?

*** BMT is 8 1/2 weeks. Graduation weekend is at the end of week 7.

Day 28
Travel can be exhausting...but for you all, it is all worth every hour and every mile to be there at Family Day. Take the time today to remember a favorite time when Travel was just as exciting for not only yourself but your SOLDIER...where? when? and all the details that made it a very special trip. Remember....and if there wasn't one in the past...what special trip would you like to plan for the future?

Day 29
ANXCITATIOUS.... (pronounced anx SITE Tay shous)
It isn't really a word but it is a combination of being anxious and excited at the same time.
Remembering your SOLDIER and a very special moment that brought you to these exact feelings in the past, can you describe them in a short story, and add all the feelings then and compare them to your moment right now. And just think, your Soldier is just as anxcitatious as you....

Day 30
Take a deep breath and think about the sun coming up over the trees and climbing each section of the bleachers...think about you sitting in the stands with fellow family members just bursting with excitement...think about you watching your Soldier running onto the field and how you will feel when you hear the words to "go get your Soldier"....when you meet...what do you say? How do you feel? And enjoy every moment with your loved one!

***You will be told to Tap out your Airman, For more info on Tap Out