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This is My pledge to you

By Lorraine Silva

This is my pledge to you

I am a military mom.
I am your sister.
I am your friend.
I rejoice in your joy, I will feel your sorrow and your pain.
I will lift you up in prayer.
I will stand steady as you lean on me. ...
I will hold you up. I will pick you up if need be.
I will sit on the floor and laugh with you and dry your tears as you cry.
If I'm not able too, for what ever reason, have no fear; for another sister will step forward
 and take my place without ever needing to be asked.
I know this with certainty.
I know this to be true.
For only another military mom, dad, a military sister, brother,
a military friend can understand what we are going thru.
This is my pledge to you, I will not falter,

I will not fail!

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