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Airmen's Week, formally known as Capstone, was renamed by its 1st graduating class.

  • TRG Commanders Welcome
  • Rules of Engagement Briefing
  • Living Area Maintenance/Personal Area Set-Up
  • Airmen's Departure Briefing
  • Airmen's Event

What are OUR Airmen taught?

Reinforcement of their Core Values


I have had several personal conversations with some wonderful Angels that are worried and concerned about a few things. Things that we as a group have touched on, but many may have read and then thought oh well that's Not My Airman so I don't have to worry. We should worry. Because what may be happening to one may have consequences for others. It starts at BMT. Working as a team. Building a brotherhood to help and to be accountable for you and the person to your right and to your left. When we say curfew is at 8 PM, it means IN the dorm and already signed in! So we strongly urge to get them back by 7:30 for accountability. If you are late, the entire Flt might suffer. This carries on for the rest of their career, the Core Values & Accountability. If you see someone doing something wrong, you don't just walk away, you stop them and help them get back on the right path. They are adults, many away from home from the first time. Many going through the 'college antics' not realizing that their actions may be more profound than they thought.

  There is ZERO tolerance for underage drinking.

  There is ZERO tolerance for sexual harassment and assault.

  There is ZERO tolerance for falsification of documentation or self.

  The consequence may seem harsh to some and not harsh enough to others.

"With thought, the USAF now has Airmen's Week to better prepare Airmen for their first assignments by reinforcing our core values of integrity, service and excellence through an interactive environment emphasizing character development, the profession of arms, and our Air Force heritage," said Gen. Robin Rand, commander of Air Education and Training Command. "The course focuses on the importance of every Airman treating each other with respect and dignity, better preparing them to become skilled warriors ready to do our nation's business."

Airmen's Week will provide instruction and promote discussion among Airmen in a more interactive forum than the highly-structured BMT curriculum, according to Kevin Adelsen, AETC Capstone Week program manager. Some key areas that Airmen's Week will cover include wingmanship, resiliency, leadership and followership(sic), sexual assault prevention and response, the warrior ethos, and how Airmen can balance their personal and professional lives.

Should your Airman find themselves in a situation where they feel their career or their life is in jeopardy, the Air Force has resources. First and foremost know that we offer you and your Airman our prayers and acknowledge that you, your family & your Airman are going through some difficult times. We will recommend directing the "Airmen" involved to use resources and AF agencies designed to address the matters from an "official" standpoint. Whether it's the First Sergeant, commander, Area Defense Counsel, SARC chaplain, etc., those people will be able help determine the best course of action. We will also recommend that should it be necessary the Airman may want to seek legal counsel to assist him or her with the challenges that they may be facing and or an attempt to minimize the consequences.

With each phase in their career will come new rewards along with new challenges. We will always be here with HIS Love along with prayers and will continue to direct you to information, resources and assistance offered thru the military and or perhaps other entities with a point of contact. Please remember to keep those lines of communication open. Some days it will be more difficult than others especially if they are giving only one word comments. But at least you're getting a word and you as a loved one can hear it in their breathing.

  It's not always easy, but you'll never be alone. 

1. Airmen's Week will cover and include wingmanship, resiliency, leadership and followership(sic), sexual assault prevention and response, the warrior ethos, and how Airmen can balance their personal and professional lives.

2. Airmen will move Sunday night or EARLY Monday to 'Airmen's dorm'

3. Your Airman will NOT have their cell phone, but may have access to payphones.

4. Your Airman will NOT be allowed visitors.

5. Your Airman must successfully complete Airmen's Week Training to move on to Tech School or will be recycled to the beginning of the week. Failure to complete after being recycled could include discharge.

6. Your Airman, upon completion of Airmen's training will be transported to Tech School Facilities.

7. Mail during Airmen's Week:

My official source at BMT says they will get no mail that week. Any mail received during this particular week should be forwarded by the post office to the Tech School they will be attending, as long as your Airman filled out a mail forwarding slip. It will take about 2-3 weeks for the mail to be forwarded.

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Press release regarding introduction of Capstone Week, now referred to as Airmen's Week.


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