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Graduation is here and you are so ready to get your hug!!

"Core Values Briefing Technical School"

  • Airmanship Core Value Briefing
  • Air Force Fitness Program
  • Town Pass Briefing
  • Hair Cuts
  • Airman's Run
  • Airman's Coin Ceremony Retreat
  • Honor Graduate Ceremony
  • Parade Graduation
  • Open House

Video for the week.

You can still send letters! Word Search WOT 7

Your Trainee is an Airman! HUA!!!

What is the Airman's Run?

The Airman's run is the first chance you get to see your loved one since they left for BMT! All the graduating flights will line up in their Heritage flights and then run a set route. This route will bring them into the area behind the reception center and around the pad in front of the bleachers. Most will be wearing their squadron mascot shirts that are only available at the Lackland shirt shop. If you have a banner, this is the place to use it. Sometimes it helps your loved one find you. They will circle around the pad and then head back to their dorms to shower and dress for the coin ceremony. Best place to stand to watch the run Teddy's spot.

What is the Coin Ceremony?

The coin ceremony is when the MTIs hand out the Airman's coin to each of the graduating trainees. Upon receipt of this coin, they are no longer referred to as a trainee. They have earned their right to be called a United States Air Force Airman. This will be a very significant moment in their life. When the ceremony is over, they will be put in parade rest. They will remain there until they are tapped out by a loved one.

What is the Graduation Parade Pass and Review?

The graduation parade pass and review is on Friday. Weather and personnel permitting, it is live streamed on the Air Force Ustream account for those loved ones who couldn't make the trip to graduation. Graduation flights will again be in their heritage flight formations. They will march out onto the parade field and the ceremony will start. The Honor flight will be acknowledged. Speeches are given. All the flights will march around the field for their review. Afterwards, they will march forward and take their oath, recite the Airman's Creed and/or sing the Air Force song. (this can change each week) When the ceremony is over, they will be put in parade rest. Again, they will remain there until they are tapped out. Do NOT tap out anyone without asking their permission first.

What is Tap Out?

At the conclusion of both the Airman's Coin Ceremony & the Graduation Parade Pass & Review the Airmen will be held at Parade Rest. They must remain there until such time that a family member, friend or MTI releases them. The simple Tap from one person to them is their release. As a family member, this is the much awaited hug! It can also be a handshake or a salute.

There is no "Rule" regarding who is the one that should "Tap Out" the Airman. So please ask the Airmen. There is however an unwritten pecking order. You may have one or more "Tap Out" at the same time.

Spouse is usually first. Parent is usually the next.

Remembering that there are two. Some will have the parent do the first to signify that they have been their first supporters up until this point and then have the spouse as she/he is now the primary supporter. Or you may all go as a group. You all can have fun deciding.

Again, please look around and ask your airman if there is anyone in their FLT that may not have anyone there to tap them out. Then ask the Airmen if you have permission. Sometimes it takes a while for their family to find them. Other times, due to circumstance, they are just not able to attend. Those left standing alone will be released by an MTI. Many of them get together to get something to eat, many just go back to the dorms and sleep.


Packing for yourself:

Packing List

For your Airman: 

Airman's Emergency kit

Graduation weekend has a LOT going on. Here is a schedule of when and where to be so you don't miss anything.

Detailed Graduation Events

Graduation Schedule & Maps 

Many trainees go to church services. You may go to services with your Airman on Sunday as well.

Church Services


Make sure to be ready for everything, including doing nothing. Many Airmen want to do nothing but sit in your room and relax. They have been going going going for weeks! Now they want to relax. Some want to go out and see everything they can. We have made a list of some of your options for on base and off.

Things to do & Places to go/see

Places to Stay

Places to Eat


Do a quick trial run to the base just to get familiar with where you have to go!

GPS and Directions to Lackland AFB


Welcome to Lackland Force Support Squadron

For information on what to do while on base

What to do and see in San Antonio

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