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WOT 2 Basic War Skills





Basic War Skills


  • Patio Briefing
  • Warrior Role
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Basic Situational Awareness
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness (resiliency)
  • Joint Ethics
  • AF History II
  • Healthy Lifestyles & AF ADAPT Program
  • Basic Leadership and Character
  • Forbidden Relationships and Sexual Predator Risk Indicator
  • Military Citizenship
  • Public Relations & the Media
  • Cyber Awareness
  • Weapons, Parts ID, Disassembly & Reassembly
  • Drill Movements II
  • Drill Movements III
  • Career Guidance

For this weeks video, click here.

We know you've been checking your phone! I can almost bet that you've even called yourself a few times just to make sure that the phone is working. WOT 3 is when the next authorized call should come in. But we never know sometimes if the flight gets it together quickly some MTIs let them earn an extra call. Don't expect it, but be prepared for it!!

Meanwhile, do NOT mug the mailperson! They will write as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks for them to learn to work together to get things done so they have time to write. Keep writing them. They need your letters to help them get through.
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Finding other family members to join is as easy as sharing with others. We've created this word doc for you to print off cut the strips, staple them together so they don't fall all over the place & share with those at MEPS, & with your trainee so he/she can share with those at BMT.

Sharing our site and groups with others

If you haven't done so yet, print off our BMT Calendar to keep track of how long till graduation. There are writing suggestions on there to make writing helpful as well.


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