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WOT 1 Reality Check





Weapons - Initial Training - Reality Check

First Week Briefing
  • Entry Controller
  • Airman's Time Introduction
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Intro to Classroom Entry and Exit Procedures
  • AF History I
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Weapons Issue M-16 Parts ID, Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Dress & Appearance I
  • AF Organization
  • Human Relations
  • GI Bill
  • Rendering Courtesies
  • Weapons Cleaning and Inspection Procedures
  • AF Rank Recognition
  • Drill Movements I
  • Recruit Living Area I
  • Records ID
  • Immunizations
  • Medical/Dental


Go here to see what they are doing this week.

It's not summer camp!!

They've been yelled at, are waking up early, going to bed by lights out (9 PM cst), do not have access to the outside world and they are tired. The go to bed tired and wake up tired. They are being broken down to be remolded and recreated to learn to follow without hesitation.

Why? Because even though their job might be a "safe job", they are in the military and they need to be ready for anything at anytime! Things do happen. This is not being said to scare you, but to help you understand that there is logic to the turmoil that is going on. In the heat of battle they have to hear, acknowledge and understand (HUA) what the order is, and then they have to carry it out. The MTIs duty is to make sure that they are trained to follow through in chaos.

Keep writing. You may be getting one or two letters but they are the ones who need HIS Love.

AFM Sharing HIS Love -

Writing Ideas    

Word Search WOT 1


Banners, Shirts, Photos & Pins

Here is something exciting that you can do. Although they will not be taking their photos with them in their Official 'Blues', you can order a pin and banner or even a coffee mug. Having coffee or tea with your Airman in the morning is a wonderful way to start the day!

Basic Training Store Air Force

Air Force MOMS BMT Calendar! I am so excited to share this! With the help of our very own Angel, Tammi M. who did the artwork, we have the best way to help you figure out your AB's gradation date, WOT, what to write & travel dates & semi-schedule!
It's simple, easy and no guess work needed. All you do is click print and pop in the dates from when your AB left for MEPS. We've included the address template, each WOT for you, along with HIS Love writing tips, & a semi-schedule to help you!!! Can I get a HUA!!!


Connecting with others!

Finding other family members to join is as easy as sharing with others. We've created this word doc for you to print off cut the strips, staple them together so they don't fall all over the place & share with those at MEPS, & with your trainee so he/she can share with those at BMT. Sharing our site and groups with others

Here are some ideas on how to save for Graduation!
Graduation costs how much?




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