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WOT 0 Arrival & Processing





Swearing in, Arriving and Processing at BMT

"Processing Week"

BMT Arrival Meeting & Briefing
Health, Morale and Welfare
Commander's Arrival Briefing
Coping with Stress
BMT Orientation Briefing
AF Initial Physical Fitness Evaluation
BMT PT Program
Drill Movements I
Recruit Living Area I
Initial Trainee Pay - Review Pay, Benefits & Documentations
Clipper Cuts
Initial Clothing Issue
Drug Testing
Immunizations/ Blood Draw
Chapel Orientation
737 TRG/CC/CCC Briefing

Would you like to see what they are doing? 
You will NOT find your Trainee in these because the videos were made a while back. This link will take you to the Official USAF site which has a video for each WOT:

When your trainee arrives at San Antonio's International Airport, they will be greeted by a BMT Reception Center Military Training Instructor (MTI). Newly arriving trainees are instructed to call home and let family know they safely arrived in San Antonio - regardless if your trainee called you when they first get off the plane.
Your trainee will contact you again within a 72 hour period of arriving in San Antonio. The purpose of this phone call is to give you their mailing address the trainee will be using for the next 7 ½ weeks. ***Note - Sometimes the call comes on Friday or Saturday. Don't worry. One phrase you will live by is "No news is good news".
Some MTIs may allow the trainee to text the mailing address to you. However, please know that this is the only time they will be allowed to use their phone for anything other than an out going voice conversations. Do NOT text or call your trainee.
Some MTIs will allow them to text the address AND then call to say hello I'm fine. This call may be emotional, loud and will be short.
Please prepare yourself mentally for the call, as there is no time to chat and your trainee may seem very stressed or emotional. Rest assured your trainee is just fine. We highly suggest you have a pen and paper ready during this time period.

Again, the call is scripted, short, and often emotional, so be prepared to fill in the blanks. Here's an example of the address filled in:

AB Doe, John R

321TRS/FLT 253 Dorm 2B OR

321TRS/FLT 253 Dorm 4B2

1320 Truemper Street Unit 364068

JBSA Lackland AFB TX 78236-6432 

Ok, so now that they are there, we are wondering...What is going on? 
Pull up a chair and get comfortable. We have a LOT of information, please don't overwhelm yourself. Read a little at a time. We've broken this down into WOT (Week of Training) to better help you along with events and how to plan out your trip. If you're not sure if you can afford it, again don't worry. We've thought of that too. Remember, we've been right where you are.  
How do I connect with others in the same TRS/FLT?
In our closed discussion group on Facebook, you will find specific events dedicated to your recruit/trainee/Airman's stage of their career. Just give a shout out when you join the group and we will connect you. We are rejoicing in your excitement in connecting in your events, please be kind and understand that they are created as soon as we receive the information, usually within a day.

 You can join us at by clicking this link while signed into Facebook

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Finding other family members to join is as easy as sharing with others. We've created this word doc for you to print off cut the strips, staple them together so they don't fall all over the place & share with those at MEPS, & with your trainee so he/she can share with those at BMT.
Sharing our site and groups with others

Even if you do not have the TRS/FLT, just write a letter or get a card together and ready to go out. Once you have the address, pop them into the mail box. We also have an entire section of ideas to help out sending HIS Love letters.

Writing ideas      Word Search WOT 0     Questionnaires

Air Force MOMS BMT Calendar! I am so excited to share this! With the help of our very own Angel, Tammi M. who did the artwork, we have the best way to help you figure out your AB's gradation date, WOT, what to write & travel dates & semi-schedule!
It's simple, easy and no guess work needed. All you do is click print and pop in the dates from when your AB left for MEPS. We've included the address template, each WOT for you, along with HIS Love writing tips, & a semi-schedule to help you!!! Can I get a HUA!!!


The Number One Question! When can I see photos?
There are approximately 6,000+ Trainees there each day. The photos are taken by Basic Video Productions. BVP will follow each flight from WOT 0 through WOT 6.
Official photos are taken WOT4. Your AB will have an opportunity to purchase photos at a discounted price. Please make sure to remind/ask them to order photos. If by chance they forget, you can order them on Thurs & Fri of graduation weekend at the Reception Center. In the event you are having a wonderful time (and we know you are) and you forget to order, don't fret. You may order up to 5 years from their graduation.
(added info, this link will show what they are wearing: )
(added note. The peanut butter shot:
A Typical Day at BMT CST:
PT. One day you run, the next day you do aerobic exercises.
Dorm setup.
Drilling, classes, record checks, shots, uniform issue, etc.
Classroom instruction.
Set up the dorm for nighttime.
Lights out.
Source: USAF BMT/USAF Basic Military Training compiled by Lorraine Silva

Notes & insight from Teddy: Those with someone headed to BMT today and wonder what all will be going on when they arrive. Once they arrive they will head down to baggage claim in terminal B, where they will see a table with large sign and table for them to check in at. Once checked in they will go to the side of the table and sit on the floor, lined up and wait on bus for the ride to Lackland. Once bus arrives they load it and take what will seem like a forever ride (which it isn't) to Lackland. Once through the gate at Lackland the bus will stop in front of the Reception center, where they will go in and start to process, which will be a lot of hurry up and wait. While in the reception station they will be assigned a Flight and Training Squadron. Once they finish the reception center, they will board another bus for the short trip to the Dorms, each TRS has it's own dorm and each dorm contains flights in all weeks of training. Once at the dorm they will get a little instruction, then get bunk and locker. They will get to bed very late and get up very early in the morning to start more process time. Sometime soon after arrival they are given the opportunity to call and say they made it, and sometime between tonight and Sunday they will also get the chance to call again and give address. That's a quick take on what they will go through. It will be very stressful and be prepared for that stress to be shown on phone during that first call. Just give them support and let them know all will be OK. Homesickness is very normal and the "I wanna come home" statements are not something that is rare. They will survive.

Repost from Diane Dickey (Admin): Please make sure to read this.
For those of you that are worried about your child as they head off to BMT.
Believe me! She/he will be safer and better taken care of than any child going off to college! She/he will be on a secure military installation protected by well equipped and superior trained Security Forces! Her/His MTI will ensure your 'baby' is housed, fed, and clothed. Ensure she/he is healthy and their shots are up-to-date. Then there is great cardio everyday... And if... she/he is sick, the MTI will send her/him to medical to see a Dr free of charge... She /he will learn to properly make their bed, fold their clothes, fix their hair, fire a weapon, save a life, stay alive and not waste water... (Among many other things)... Oh the customs and courtesies, drill and ceremony, parade and marching, respect for the flag and getting in shape.. And TEAMWORK... Then getting up early to the sweet sound of music for more training, when each day is done more music... And believe this... the entire dorm has quiet and lights out at the same time! (find that in a college dorm! lol) I should also mention unlike a college their is no drinking, or drugs (that have not been prescribed by a doctor). But they will have wonderful parties (of the GI variety)!!! All this fun, care and feeding while getting a pay check! Once completed with BMT, they then get a new Capstone course to help build their character and airmanship! Next, the USAF will pay for your child's trip to an accredited training institution to learn a career of a lifetime, free of charge... This training also earns credits towards their career field Community College of the AF (CCAF) Associates degree. Once they have their training, the AF sends them to 'foreign lands' far from home (sometimes not so much) to work and play! (Along with more on-the-job training and career development course work to complete) Now what college offers all this fun, guaranteeing a job while paying them to learn a career and defending our freedoms?
For those of you that were worried, I hope this helped just a little. But we are here to answer questions and provide HIS Love ( Hope, inspiration, Support) & Love!


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