AFM BMT tiny logo Questionnaire Starter



  • Dear: _____________ Date: _____________ 

I mailed this on Date: _________________ You received it on ________

I've arrived! I feel like I'm at Summer Camp, Band Camp, Lost in the Twilight Zone 

My MTI yells more than Mom, Dad, Other _________ 

But he/she reminds me of ________ on a good day ___ a bad day ____ 

My Wingmen are nice, funny, strange, scary, don't ask! 

I like the food better than ______ it's something to eat ______ ughhh _______ 

My bed is too small, too big, just right 

I sleep on the top, bottom, I'm so tired I sleep holding up the wall 

The Wingman next to me has good hygiene, bad hygiene, we all stink so it doesn't matter 

I'm OK, I'll survive, it's tough but I'm hanging in, Can you break me out? 

When I finish BMT, I will:

Be proud of myself ___

Know my family is proud of me ___

Know I can do anything ___

See myself as others have always seen me; a great person ___ 

Before I left, I forgot to do ____________________________________________________________

and I forgot to tell you ________________________________________________________________ 

(Have fun with your Trainee...) 

Meanwhile do you remember I told you I wanted to make some changes to the house? Yes __ No__ 

I did it myself ____ hired someone ____

Well guess what I did?

I ____________and I love it, should have waited, still deciding 

(Be loving with your AB...)

The first thing I did when you left beside crying was _____________________________________________

I can't wait to see you __________________________________________________________________

(insert your own) ______________________________________________________________________

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