AFM BMT tiny logo Questionnaire Questions



  • Here are a "few" more questions, fix and match or make up your own...

1. Is anyone that left with you from MEPS to start BMT in your flight?

2. How many are in your squad? Have you made a lot of friends?

3. What are their names?

4. Where are your friends from...?

5. How is your entire squad holding up?

6. Is there anyone in your squad not getting mail that we could write to? 
    First & Last name ___________

7. Is anyone in the same career Field that you are going into?

8. I've heard that there are extra jobs assignments. Did you get one? 

9. What have you liked so far in BMT?

10. What have you disliked so far in BMT?

11. Do you enjoy the marching?

12. Do you like your MTI so far?

13. How many miles do you run a day?

14. Are you anxious about the gas chamber or have you already had to go through it?

15. How fast can you disassemble your weapon & reassemble it?

16. Has your MTI called anyone a funny name yet, LOL?

17. Has the discipline been tough on your squad?

18. Did you ever imagine having to make your bed every day?

19. How hard was it to learn to fold your clothes they way they want it?

20. Do they make you clean a lot?

21. Have you have to scrub the bathrooms down with a toothbrush yet?

22. What color are your shirts for the Airman's Run

23. What is your flight called?

24. I've learned your mascot is ......

25. How is the food?

26. How has the weather been?

27. Are you feeling ok?

28. Have you lost weight?

29. Have you gained any weight?

30. Are you eating well?

31. Are you sleeping well?

32. What time do you have to get up every day?

33. What time do you usually get to go to bed every day?

34. Do you have nights that you have BMT too, or is it only in the day?

35. Do you get to take hot showers regularly?

36. How long do you get for a shower?

37. Is that time only for a shower or for all bathroom needs?

38. Are you going to church?

39. What do you miss most about home?

40. What are you looking forward to doing besides graduating?

41. Is there anything from home you will want us to be sure to bring to you?

42. What do you want to do after Graduation while everyone is there? Do you want to go out on the town or just hangout around the hotel so you can relax and enjoy your down time with all the family?

43. Have you shared Air Force MOMS BMT (.org) with your wingmen?


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