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Here is another writing helpful hint:

Our trainees have little if any free time and we need to do what ever we can to help make this easier for them along with making sure we get all our questions answered. So how do we do this? We ask the questions in a yes/no or multiple choice way. Enclose a self addressed pre stamped envelope and wait for it to return.

Multiple Choice/Fill in the Blank: (Circle option or Write in the answer)

  • I've arrived! I feel like I'm at Summer Camp ___ Band Camp ___ Lost in the Twilight Zone ____
  • I am: OK, Hanging in there, Terrified, I'm in my element! ?I've got his!
  • My MTI yells more than Mom, Dad, Other _______
  • But he/she reminds me of ___________________________ on a good day ___ a bad day ____
  • My Wingmen are nice, funny, strange, scary, don't ask!
  • My bed is too small, too big, just right
  • I sleep on the top of my covers, under the sheets, I'm so tired I sleep holding up the wall ________
  • The Wingman next to me has good hygiene __ bad hygiene __ we all stink so it doesn't matter ___
  • I'm OK _ I'll survive __ it's tough but I'm hanging in _ Can you break me out? _____
  • The weather is: Hot, Cold, Windy, Good when it's not hot/cold or windy.
  • Food is: Terrific, Bad, I don't know I just swallow
  • I was afraid I'd get yelled at if I get it wrong, but we all get yelled at.
  • My flight is: ok, Interesting, Love them, Looks just like me (same hair & clothes)
  • I have: Gained Weight, Lost Weight, I have no idea?
  • I Sleep: 6 hrs, 4 hrs, 2 hrs, Remind me what sleep is?
  • Our Uniforms are: Hot, Cool, Just Right, Were we supposed to get uniforms?
  • Do you have a Sister or Brother Flight?
  • My MTI is: Awesome, Sweet, OK, No Comment.
  • Who is your Favorite: Mom, Dad, Your Pet, MTI, BMT Mailman.
  • What do you miss most: Texting, Internet, TV, Junk Food, Your Mom/Dad, Sleep or something else ______
  • Marching is: Great, Boring, Nap Time, I need a chiropractor.
  • I have lots of blisters
  • I received Extra Attention in the form of: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Running, Everything
  • My 341 was pulled for something good or bad. (Yes, I know what a 341 is.) If so, what?
  • I miss you: A Lot, Kind of, When Cleaning, I'm, sorry who are you?
  • Were you Assigned: Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk, Single Bed, Floor.
  • Do the MTIs really flip a quarter on your bed like on TV: Yes, No, Really?
  • My MTIs are Loud: Sometimes, When Necessary, Always, Duh!
  • After your shots, did you walk arm/arm with another? Yes, No, Not Answering.
  • Do you carry a blue fake M16? Yes, No
  • The first night here I got to bed at ____________am/pm and slept for ________minutes/hours.
  • My bunkmate is: Friendly, Wish he was on the other side of the room, Don't know yet.
  • Is your bed soft? Yes, No
  • Are you in the band flight? No, Yes, I'm playing? _____________
  • How are your inspections going? Awesome, Could be better, Improving
  • I get a lot of PT! On a scale from 1- 10 (1 is bad. 10 is excellent.) how is your flight doing? _______


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