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Heritage Flights




Heritage flights for graduation weekend and Airman's week.

Here is a list of possible Heritage Flights. Click on the name of your Airman's flight and you can learn about who their flight is named after.
Heritage flight does not replace their FLT number. They are still the same FLT number as before.

After graduation weekend, the Airmen are moved into the Airman's week dorms. The dorm they are moved to has a heritage name assigned to it and has a plaque with information and history about their dorms namesake.

Please note these are not the only names they use.


CMSAF Harlow

CMSAF Kisling

CMSAF Barnes

CMSAF Gaylor


CMSAF Andrews

CMSAF Parish

CMSAF Bennicker

CMSAF Pfingston

CMSAF Campanale

CMSAF Benken


CMSAF Murray

CMSAF McKinley



CMSAF Wright

CMSgt Cox

CMSgt Peterson

SSgt Blake

SSgt Mathies

SSgt Maynard Smith


Here is the press release regarding the launch of the Heritage Flights.

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